Roquefort - The King of French Cheese

In a country of brilliant cheese, being declared “Le Roi desfromages” (The King of Cheeses), is no short task. Over thecenturies, Roquefort has captivated all who have tasted it, fromJulius Caesar to Denis Diderot.

Pecorino Toscano Stagionato - Well that’s surprising!

Let’s face it, you can get somewhat “interested” in a pecorino. Yes, it is great on your pasta and we’ve all tasted it before. You shave it, grate it, sprinkle it and spread it on your favourite dish. You may even put it on a salad if you dare. Yeah, it’s a tad dull now. But then this happens; Pecorino Toscano. 

Charlton’s Choice - A Masterpiece

Australia’s most awarded Cheesemaker, Barry Charlton, is the“Master of Blue” in this country. Having won everything up to,and including, Golds at the World Cheese Awards, Barry kindof knows a little something about making great cheese.

Crozier Blue - A Cheese Converted

One of the most enjoyable parts of cheese is learning about thehistories and stories that many of them hold. The Cashel storystarts 200 years ago when the Grubbs, a family of Quakers,establish themselves in the county of Tipperary, running severalsuccessful mills...

Kefalotyri - It will convert you

When it comes to cooked cheeses, haloumi is the number onethought that comes to mind. If you love haloumi, then weguarantee you will love the hard cheese that is Kefalotyri.When cooked, this cheese is called Saganaki. This nameoriginates from the small handled frypan that it is cooked in butnow refers to the godlikeness that is this wonderful dish. Thereare many ways this cheese can be served and certainly worthexploring. Saganaki... Where have you been all my life?

Venus Blue

~ Venus Blue, working class and raw ~ Named Australia's best, this 7 month matured cavity blue cheese is made with...

Curly Red

~ Every lil' wrinkle has it's story! ~ Wrinkles are life’s little stories formed by the skin to be shown off proudl...

Jamberoo Mountain Blue

~ Blue for ewe and you and ewe ~ Think subtle yet complex blues, think the tinge of sweetness that only a sheep's m...


~ A flavour sensation of spring ~ One of the things we really love about Pecora Dairy is their passion to showcase ...


~ Be whisked away with one bite! ~ Yarrawa is Australia’s first non-cooked Raw Milk cheese. Cressida and Michael at...

Gin Herbalist

~ Circle of Life Cheese ~ Let’s talk about the great circle of life - cheese life that is! Once upon a time there w...

Lamb Chopper - Left of centre

Sometimes something pops up that just seems a little weird.Like, say, a wheel of cheese emblazoned with a sheep riding amotorbike. Yep, that’s right, that is how Lamb Chopper ispresented. But then again it is Dutch, so that kind of makes itokay. 
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