Washed Rind

Rusty, Kris Lloyd

~ Let it get funky! ~ Kris Lloyd is considered royalty in the world of Australian cheese. Her dedicated work in ...

Harlequin, Kris Lloyd

Harlequin is a delicious washed rind triple cream cow’s milk cheese. As this beauty matures, it begins to form a stickiness and aroma that all great washed rinds should have.

Night Walker, Stone & Crow

~ My kind of bush tucker! ~ Imagine you are out on a nighttime bushwalk with a group of your best mates. One of ...

Cider Washed Rind by Nimbin Valley Dairy

Cider Washed Rind by Nimbin Valley Dairy is the best kind of stinky cheese. Our tasting notes give the flavour profile, serving suggestions and more!

Le Dauphin Soumaintrain by Will Studd

A great washed rind cheese needs to start with a great cheese. In this case, the starting cheese is the always scrumptious Le Dauphin, a double cream that makes you cave in to more every time...

Yarra Valley Dairy Hubert's

The superstar cheesemakers at Yarra Valley Dairy work hard to produce world-class cheese. Studying techniques both at home and abroad, this tasty washed rind cheese is a prime example of their excellence...
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