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The Phoenix, Coal River Farm

~  Emerging from the ashes ~

The Phoenix Ashed Brie by Coal River has been hand crafted from the very best Tasmanian quality raw milk by the fantastic cheesemakers at Coal River Farm. It marries the rich creamy traits of a traditional brie, with the addition of fine ash that creates that beautiful line of dark gray throughout the cheese’s centre. In fact, like the mythological Phoenix, the Phoenix Ashed Brie emerges from the ashes, reborn into something new and beautiful! 

Ash has actually been used since medieval times, as a preservative combined with salt. Now savvy cheesemakers, like Coal River Farm, continue this tradition because it lowers the acidity of the cheese, encouraging certain microbes that elevate the flavour profile. In other words, ash + brie means you’re getting something incredibly unique and stunningly delicious!

PRODUCER: Coal River Farm
ORIGIN: Cambridge, TAS, Australia
AGEING: 1-3 weeks  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 4/10
• Fruity reds such as New Zealand or Chilean Pinot Noir
• Frambois
• Black coffee
• Tart grapes and pears
• Candied walnuts
• Honeycomb

The Phoenix Ashed Brie has all the rich, creamy texture of Coal River’s traditional brie but with a more textual mouth feel. On the palate it has notes of earthy tones, mushroom and a hint of smokiness that just makes the creaminess feel even more creamy. 

This beauty makes an excellent addition to your cheese platter—both because of its good looks, and distinctive taste. The protective layer from the ash lets the brie become even more oozey and gooey so it’s not only distinctively ashed in taste, but eminently spreadable, as well. Serve it with fruit-studded wheat crackers and a smidge of local honey and you might find a new (totally happy) you rising from the ashes, too!


The ash used in this brie (or any modern cheese for that matter) isn’t just leftover bits of burnt charcoal from your last backyard fire. Commercial cheesemaking ash is actually a fine, food-grade powder made from burning grapevines or wood at the super high heat of between 600 °C – 1,200 °C. Interestingly the ash itself doesn’t have a taste. But its alkalinity changes the acidity of the cheese, which then changes the flavour profile and texture, giving you a totally new experience!

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