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Tintenbar Triple Cream

~ The Favourite ~
There’s only so much cheese you can enjoy… said no-one ever! This soft is a saviour that will not be savoured - but better put, devoured! It’s a crowd pleaser. Crafted from cow milk, Tintenbar Triple Cream is a bloomy white mould cheese that's been made even more delightful with the addition of fresh cream. Cream always makes everything better! When young the paste has a chalky texture which matures into a very creamy and oozy cheese with a rich buttery yellow centre. This is how we like it!
PRODUCER:  Nimbin Valley Dairy
ORIGIN: Nimbin Valley, NSW, Australia
AGEING: 4 weeks  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 4/10
• Crisp White Wine
• Cider
• White Bread
• Crackers
• Red Apple
• On a pizza - see recipe here

The cheese can be eaten 3-4 weeks after manufacture, but is at its best aged 5 to 8 weeks. This is when the paste has a consistency of soft butter but still maintains a chalky ‘lemon cheesecake’ core. The cheese will continue to ripen beyond 8 weeks becoming caramel and intense. The rind at this age may not appeal to all.

Milk is sourced from their herd of pasture fed, free range Friesian and Jersey cows. They graze a summer pasture of kikuyu and tropical legumes, and a winter pasture of temperate ryegrass and clover. Their diet is supplemented with up to 2kg of grain each day. The milk is naturally free from antibiotics, growth promotants or hormones and GMOs.
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