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Venus Blue

~ Venus Blue, working class and raw ~
Prom Country Venus Blue

Named Australia's best, this 7 month matured cavity blue cheese is made with unique cultures from their own raw milk! It has a delicate smooth texture and rounded complex flavour. It's no snoozy Susan (sorry to any Susan reading)! This vibrant Venus Blue has consistently gone from strength to strength, certainly pulling its weight around the farm, helping to bring home awards year after year for Prom Country Cheese.

PRODUCER:  Prom Country

ORIGIN: South Gippsland, VIC, Australia

AGEING: 7 Months  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 7/10
• Dessert Wines
• Late Harvest Pinot Gris
• Salads
• Fruit
• Nuts
• Pasta

This is a delicate, creamy blue mould sheep cheese, completed with vegetarian rennet. Because the purest sheep milk is used to make this working class delight, it captures the nutrients of rich, clean pastures. The wheels have a grey-white, crusty rind with a moderate spread of blue cavities and the mouthfeel is mild and creamy with a soft finish typical of sheep cheese. 


Raw sheep milk is pure milk that is not pasteurised. It’s said to have many benefits for your health, including better digestion (particularly for those with lactose intolerance), less impacts on those with asthma and offers superior nutritional benefits to other milk varieties like a higher protein content. 

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