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Washed Rind, Coal River Farm

~ Gold Medal Winner~

What started as a lifestyle change of knitting and growing vegetables, has now become one of Tasmania's best-loved producers of cheese, chocolate and condiments. It's easy to see from just taking one simple bite the amount of love and care that goes into their cheesemaking.

PRODUCER:  Coal River Farm
ORIGIN: Richmond, TAS, Australia
AGEING: 4 weeks  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 5/10
• Dry or Sweet sparkling wine

• Rosé
• Reisling
• Cider

• Toasted Sourdough
• In Salad
• Antipasto


A stunning award winning cheese by Coal River Farm! This beauty picked up the Gold Medal at the NSW Dairy Industry Awards in 2016. The flavour of this washed rind is not as strong as its French counterparts but its flavour develops to a great stench as it is given more time. Much of the white mould has made way for the bacteria growth that develops due to its daily brine bath. It is easy to see why this is Coal River's most popular cheese.


Just like wine, you can tell a lot about the age of cheese by its colour. With washed rind cheeses a firm orange rind (often with specks of blue) indicates that the cheese is still young and mild. As it develops in texture and flavour the rind will start to crack, the colour will fade and brown tinges will appear. This is when it is at its stinky best!

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