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Woombye Camembert

~ New World Award Winner ~
Almost 10 years ago, a husband and wife team repatriated back to Australia, deciding to make cheese on the Sunshine Coast. Karen & Graham Paynter were clear in their vision, to create outstanding cheese from the cream rich milks of Maleny. Having learned from many mistakes and wins as well as helpful cheesemakers, they were quickly on to the path of a turning their vision into a commercial reality. Set on a property with no signage, the drive up the rough dirt track to an unassuming structure, its amazing to realise such great things are produced here. The quality gives an impression of five star as if walking into Raffles in Singapore. Instead, there is no assuming with Woombye. Sadly in 2015, Graham suddenly passed away leaving Karen to continue their vision. Their success was awarded the highly coveted Queensland State Winner for the Delicious Produce Awards in 2016 for this very cheese and have one much more since.
PRODUCER: Woombye Cheese Co.
ORIGIN: Woombye, QLD, Australia
AGEING: 3 weeks  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 6/10
• Pinto Gris
• Pinto Noir
• Summer Ale
• Your Fingers!
• Quince Paste
• Drizzled Honey

This single cream camembert is how camembert should taste. The quality of the milk used is evident with your first taste meanwhile the creaminess and firmness don’t need it to be eaten with anything other than your fingers. This cheese is an all-rounder that everyone will love.

The small town of Woombye has never been knows as a place of cheese, dairy or anything of the sort. The best way to describe its location – The Big Pineapple. “Oh yes, I know where Woombye is”. The region was driven by tropical fruit such as mangoes, avocados and lychees inbetween sundaes at The Big Pineapple. In fact, Woombye is also where our Cheesemonger, Sam, grew up on an avocado and mango farm. However, Woombye is not famous for this!
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