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Woombye Triple Cream

~ Because we all need triple the goodness! ~
One of the tried and tested things in marketing is first working out what people love and then overload them even more with that. Let’s face it, one of the greatest gifts that cows give us is cream so why stop at just normal milk when making cheese? Let’s triple that up and make it so luxuriant and rich that you can’t work out if this is closer to butter or camembert. The idea of a triple cream is more of a modern day spin as the yearning for soft, velvety and gooey win, hands down. Luckily Woombye’s entry into this realm has brought some of the country’s best milk, and cream, into a round that will have you blessing the cheesemaker and praising the cows of Maleny that are grazing, right now, on some juicy, thick and green grass.
PRODUCER: Woombye Cheese Co.
ORIGIN: Woombye, QLD, Australia
AGEING: 3 weeks  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 5/10
• Nebbiolo
• Barbera
• Champagne or Rich Cava
• Sourdough
• Red Apples
• Crisp Pear

As you would have guessed, it’s rich. The quality of the cream will excite everyone. But the real joy is holding onto the cheese a little longer and letting it run past it’s Best Before date, even up to 6weeks to let the pate break down and develop even more complex flavours that surpass the simple rich cream flavour. We promise this will wow.

This may come as a shock to many… Do you know the difference between brie and camembert? Sorry to be there barer of bad news, but they are essentially the same thing. Camembert was created in a french village called… Camembert. Meanwhile, at around the same time, brie was created in Brie (no surprise there). Both made to the same recipe but brie was traditionally made in a 3kg wheel while camembert was made in a small 100g
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