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Yarra Valley Dairy Hubert's

~ Bath me in Brandy! ~
For those with kids, you understand just how much dairy they consume! Many parents often often lament that they should have owned cows to keep up with the household milk and cheese requirements of growing bodies. One lady, Mary Mooney, did just this, thirty years ago when she started making cheese for her kid’s school lunches. Fast forward to today with Yarra Valley Dairy being one of the most recognisable artisan cheese makers in the country and sold extensively in the US. (Perhaps we should revisit those plans of owning a cow)
PRODUCER:  Yarra Valley Dairy
ORIGIN: Yarra Valley, VIC, Australia
AGEING: 3-4 months  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 7/10
• Aged Semillon
• Full flavoured Stout
• Tangy sweet/sour pickles
• Crunchy Cornichons
• Fruity Wine Paste
• Marinated Baby Figs

The superstar cheesemakers at Yarra Valley Dairy work hard to produce world-class cheese. Studying techniques both at home and abroad, this tasty washed rind cheese is a prime example of their excellence.  
This beauty is blanketed by a white, pillowy rind that hides a rich and glossy custard-like interior. Washed daily in brandy, Hubert's has a sweet and mildly yeasty aroma. The longer you leave this cheese mature, the more gooey the centre becomes. Hints of sweet flavour mixed with mushroom, lemon and as it ages more, yeasty marmite notes develop.

After much contemplation early on in this writing, much research has now gone in to whether it is practical to own a family cow for milking. Naturally, if you don’t have room for a cow, a sheep or goat would do just fine. A cow will set you back between $1,000-$3,000 and you’ll need more than 2 acres for grazing. Assuming you need hay, there’s $200 per tonne of which 18kg will be eaten each day. Your cow will produce roughly 11litres per day which will take you about 30min… every day. Or we could just go to the local IGA and buy local milk and Mary’s cheese. Problem solved.
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