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~ Be whisked away with one bite! ~
Yarrawa is Australia’s first non-cooked Raw Milk cheese. Cressida and Michael at Pecora are highly passionate about expressing their farm’s eco system with their produce and this cheese certainly achieves this! A story in a mouthful, Yarrawa brings with it the taste of all the magic in the soil, pasture and the season at the time it was made. Right from the seasonal micro-flora from the rind, all the way through to the delicious centre. This cheese is reminiscent of Pyrenean/Basque sheep milk cheeses that have been around for centuries!
PRODUCER:  Pecora Dairy
ORIGIN: Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia
AGEING: 4 months  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 2/10
• Vintage Champagne
• Barossa Shiraz
• Dry Cider
• Marinated baby figs
• Black cherries
• Damson paste
• Just fingers

One bite of this glorious cheese and you will instantly find buttery flavours and that of cashew, caramel as well as grass. Close your eyes and this cheese will send you straight to the lush pastures of Pecora Dairy.

Sheep produce far less milk than cows, but what they do produce is a health bonanza! Sheep milk has twice the minerals of cow and goat and contains medium chain triglycerides which can reduce cholesterol. Due to the small fat globules, sheep milk is much easier to digest allowing nearly all dairy intolerant people to consume sheep milk! Even allergy sufferers can benefit with some relief from consuming sheep milk. Seriously… Need any more reasons to eat this brilliant cheese?
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