Apostle Whey Cheese

Apostle Whey Cheese
Just a short drive from the Twelve Apostles, Apostle Whey Cheese is a big tourist drawcard for the local region. Apostle Whey Cheese is home to an array of award-winning, delectable cheeses - all handmade! They use milk from their herd of Aussie Red/ Jersey cows to craft the cheeses. It's easy to see that the business is a labour of love that combines two of Julian and Dianne Benson passions – sustainable farming and boutique, artisan produce.
We love working with Apostle Whey Cheese their strong passion for cheese, the environment and their animals, no wonder they're a crowd favourite! A long history in dairy farming, they made the transition to cheesemaking two decades ago. Following traditional recipes and using milk from their farm, you get a flavour of tradition, mixed with the uniqueness of the Great Ocean Road region.
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