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Chocolate is a bit like people really... hear us out on this one! You see, it comes in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colours and varieties. It can be bitter, sweet, salty, a little nutty, rather fruity and hard or soft on the inside. It sparks joy, pleasure, makes you feel happy when you’re sad, is there in good times or bad and most of us love lots of them!

Ok ok, back to the smooth, velvety delight we know and love! Whether it’s dark, milk, white or ruby chocolate that tantalises your tastebuds, it all starts with the cocoa bean. The beans are fermented, dried and roasted, then the husks are removed in a process called winnowing to reveal the treasured nibs held within. The nibs are ground into chocolate liquor to produce a thick brown paste that is, quite literally, the mother of all chocolate.

This liquor is used in a number of ways to make aaallll the different types of chocolate. Add sugar and you’ve got dark chocolate, with the amount of sugar determining the cocoa % and thus the bitterness or sweetness. Or separate out the cocoa solids and cocoa butter from the liquor to make milk or white chocolate. 

Milk chocolate is made with the addition of, well, milk of course! Sugar & milk are combined with cocoa butter and some of the liquor to create the most widely eaten chocolate in the world. The most renowned being classic Belgian chocolate, which chocolatiers often turn into the pralines and truffles so synonymous with the region.

Now, when it comes to white chocolate, only the cocoa butter is blended with sugar, milk, lecithin and heady vanilla to produce the sweet, ivory indulgence beloved by many. Whether white chocolate is actually chocolate at all has been a bone of contention amongst foodies over the years, but given it does contain part of the cocoa bean, the consensus rules it a yes!

Then there’s ruby, the baby of the family, introduced to the world in 2017 by Barry Callebaut. Shrouded in mystery as to exactly how this blushing bairn was created, we do know that the ruby cocoa bean is grown in Equador, Brazil & the Ivory Coast and that the chocolate itself is thought to be made in a similar way to classic milk. That’s pretty much where the similarities end though, with ruby tasting nothing like dark or milk chocolate, rather offering up flavours of sweet berries finishing with a tart tang.

So, no matter what flavour of chocolate colours your world, whether it’s artisan bean to bar, classic Belgian chocolate, a decadent truffle or the quintessential block, chocolate is the BFF of sweet treats, the go-to special one you can rely on day in and day out!

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