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Broth - So much goodness!

If you haven’t heard of bone broth, you must have been living under a rock ... or should we say a stone! It’s thought that we’ve been drinking broth since the stone age, when hunter-gatherers would dig a hole and line it with the skin or stomach of an animal, add water, bones, scraps and hot rocks ... hey presto, paleo bone broth!

And herein lies the reason we’ve seen the rise in popularity of bone broth once again, the paleo diet. I mean, broth has never gone away – it’s been a staple way to use offcuts and provide nutrition in almost every cuisine worldwide ever since, but the warming cups of golden goodness we know and love today are consumed more out of want than of need. 

So why is there so much hoo-hah about bone broth? Well put simply, it’s really good for you! It’s great for digestion and gut health, is high in protein and collagen, contains electrolytes, is rich in vitamins and minerals - no wonder people think it’s magical stuff!

It’s believed, though not proven, to reduce inflammation, help to protect the joints, aid in weight loss, heal a leaky gut and even help you sleep. How much of that is true, we don’t know, but if drinking some delicious broth might help with any or all of those things, it seems like a pretty safe bet!

Now for those us that don’t have time to simmer our own homemade broth for a minimum of 12 hours, there’s a plethora of amazing ready to eat options. Think freeze dried, dehydrated, concentrates, pastes, powders and jellies, all you need to do is boil the kettle to enjoy the nutritious, comforting, mind and body nourishment a cup of bone broth brings. Just goes to show, sometimes the simplest things in life really are the best!

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