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Curry Pastes

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Ah curry, there’s just something about a steaming bowl of saucy deliciousness that warms the soul! In fact, it’s the sauce that is it’s namesake – coming from the Tamil word ‘Kari’ meaning sauce or soup to eat with rice!

You can instantly tell where a curry is from by the herbs and spices used to create the paste – from a heady spice laden Indian korma or vindaloo, to lighter, fragrant Thai Curries, or the thick and sweet Japanese version ‘karē’, curries really are cuisine defining dishes adored the world over.

And what’s not to love? Particularly when they’re so easy to make these days with the incredible range of premade curry pastes, powders and meal kits. Forget the storebought, mass produced jarred stuff though, that has sat on a shelf for who knows how long and contains who knows what! Aussie artisans are stepping it up with fantastically fresh and flavourful fare!

From the Top End to Tassie and everywhere in between, small producers are blending spices and pulverising produce with passion to create pastes ready for you to add your favourite protein and veggies into. 

See that’s the thing about curries, they’re personal. Personal to the artisan who created it and personalised to your palate because you choose one you love and add what you like to it. Don’t like spice? There’s flavour filled mild curries for you! Love to sweat while you eat? You’ll find curries that bring the heat! 

So what are you waiting for? Grab your favourite curry paste, boil some rice and get saucy!

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