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Delicious Low Carb

Maria explains why she created Delicious Low Carb:

 “The story begins when I felt desperate to lose weight, but it seemed that every year I felt totally defeated. I ate the same food, the same portions, but my weight kept on creeping up.

That was when I discovered the Keto diet, and it has changed my life. On my Keto diet journey, my family liked to experiment by baking and making lots of different snacks that were sugar free and healthy. Our son loves cookies, so we decided to focus on making yummy Keto cookies that tasted like real cookies. After several months of experimenting, I was, at last, able to create three delicious flavours of cookies.

My cookies are a labour of love.  With premium ingredients that are nutritious and nourishing. I love supporting local farmers, so all the ingredients, including the nuts are sourced in Australia.  I will keep developing new products, so stay tuned!”


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