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East Forged


East Forged Cold Brew Tea

Two tea specialists meet by chance at Melbourne's International Coffee Expo in 2017. It started as a casual conversation that develops into an alliance over a shared passion, iced tea. Why is iced tea so sweet, with low tea flavour and an unhealthy option for hydration? Why don't more venues offer tea as a cold beverage?

We drew from our tea knowledge and decided the flavours. Locked in quality tea from our favourite tea farmers in Australia, Japan and China. It was another 18 months before we landed on the idea to make our craft tea in a brewery. Using traditional beer-making processes added an innovative mouthfeel and finish. Both beer and tea are brews, right? Both are the old world beverages. Both are relaxing beverages! Both have a craft industry. Well, hot tea has a craft industry and we are creating a cold tea craft industry.

The challenge to disrupt iced tea had gone beyond our original ideas. East Forged is a craft nitro tea, a crafted non-alcoholic cold brew tea to suit adult tastes. Tea is the hero ingredient. No added sugar, sweeteners, flavours or colours. Low in calories. A brew that is inclusive and social. A tea for Sober Curious and the mindful drinking community that tap into the need to relax.

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