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El Cielo


El Cielo Mexican Grocery for Artisans Bend

El Cielo (The Heaven) was established in 2012, after three Mexican friends, passionate about their food and culture, could not find authentic ingredients to prepare the beloved dishes they missed from back home. A dream was born while listening to Cielito Lindo!

We offer authentic Mexican nixtamalized tortillas, corn chips and tostaditas, made the same way that has been done for millennia, since the times of the Aztec Civilisation.  El Cielo is bringing to Australia the True Taste of Mexico.


The True Taste of Mexico is at the centre of who we are, what we do and what we offer, the best Mexican tortillas and corn chips in Australia.

Our range of products includes beans, jalapenos, gourmet sauces, dry chillies and much more.  Most of these products have a very short and basic ingredients list, something that is very important to us.  

We supply Mexican food to our local restaurants in Melbourne and now you have the opportunity to sample Mexico in your own home.


This may be a relatively new concept for Australians. Nixtamalization is a process for the preparation of corn, in which the corn is soaked and cooked in an alkaline solution. Nixtamal is a process discovered thousands of years ago in the south of Mexico and Central America, Nixtamalized corn has several benefits, it is more easily ground, its nutritional value is increased and ultimately flavour and aroma are improved.

In essence, our corn is boiled and soaked in an alkaline solution and then stone-grind it to create our masa (dough). This creates delicious corn dough, which we use to make our tortillas, corn chips and tostaditas; as with any type of bread, wholegrain is how you can ensure to get all its rich nutrients. Our white corn tortillas, corn chips and tostaditas are not just wholegrain but also gluten free, vegan and vegetarian.

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