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Far Meadow Lodge


When it comes to preserves, conserves, gut-healthy kraut and marmalades, Far Meadow Lodge should be one of the first providores that springs to mind. After all, this beautiful artisan producer is a true expert in preserves of all types. In fact, Far Meadow Lodge is the newest incarnation of South Coast Providores, formerly of Berry. And while it might be under new ownership in a new locale, their commitment to fresh, local artisan products remains unequivocally the same. 

Since 2017 Deborah Jermyn has been the head of the Far Meadow Lodge team. Under her stewardship this little local shop has grown to an online distributor with a loyal Australia-wide following. Regardless they continue to create the same small-batch, beautiful products that won over customers after a single taste. And today, you can find Far Meadow Lodge goodies in online, in the shop, in gourmet outlets and even in top restaurants—anywhere great food is appreciated and admired.


From luxurious Marinated Baby Figs to the dry roasted Dukkah, Far Meadow Lodge’s beautiful, shop made products showcase the best of what the South Coast has to offer. In fact the team works with South Coast suppliers wherever possibly, sourcing products that are good quality and as fresh as possible in order to make products that have those same characteristics.

Deborah and her team are also interested in gut health. They love hosting workshops and informational sessions that teach about the benefits of fermented food (like their own sauerkraut!). 

At the end of the day, Far Meadow Lodge’s team is simply passionate about good food. So they focus on creating products that are made as close to the source as possible, with fresh, healthy, local ingredients. And because they’re made in small batches, you know you’re getting the absolutely best and freshest products on the South Coast. 


  • Wide range of small-batch preserves, conserves and marmalades
  • Other products include vinegars, sauces, chutneys, nut products and much more
  • Seasonal products
  • Focused on South Coast suppliers
  • Formerly South Coast Providors
  • Passionate about gut health


The South Coast of New South Wales stretches from Sydney to the Victorian border and is one of the most beautiful, vibrant parts of Australia. It’s well known for its outdoor activities because of its long lengths of white sand beach, hidden lagoons and stunning pockets of rainforest. You can see seal pods and even migrating whales here. It’s also jam packed with quaint towns, shops and cafes punctuated by parks, rivers and gorgeous bushwalking trails. There’s everything you could need for a fantastic holiday.

The South Coast is also known for its incredible food and wine experiences. From freshly shucked oysters to locally made cheeses and artisan products, it’s a haven for foodies. But the local products go far beyond just food and wine, and the savvy visitor will also find amazing art galleries and other local hand crafts whether you’re after something retro and crafty or you’re looking for something sleek and modern.

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