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Garlicious Grown Black Garlic

If you have never experienced the flavour-packed tingle on your tastebuds produced by black garlic, then the multi-award-winning products from Braidwood’s Garlicious Grown are sure to pack a surprising punch.

Balancing notes of umami and sweetness, black garlic offers up bold flavour without the bite or after-breath of traditional garlic. The highly sought-after gourmet ingredient is extremely versatile and can be used in both sweet and savoury foods or served solo in the starring role as a divine antipasto.

Contrary to popular belief, black garlic is not a type of garlic, but actually a slow-cooked preparation of various varieties. The artisan product caught the eyes of friends Jenny Daniher and Cathy Owen, who up until that point had been individually growing garlic on their family farms as a passion project. They spotted the gourmet ingredient wielding its influence in high-end food magazines and thought they’d give it a shot.

What started out as a fun challenge soon led to a commercially viable operation and eventually a slew of awards for Garlicious Grown. It took 12 months of hard work, lateral thinking and perseverance, but at last their small-scale dehydrators produced the results they had been dreaming of: luscious, sweet, black garlic.

While not organically certified, the pair’s garlic is grown using permaculture principles on their own farms and surrounding farms in the local Braidwood area. The white-fleshed, purple-skinned variety known as Monaro Purple hardneck garlic benefits from their local region’s frosty winters, compost-rich soil and plenty of rain. Progressively harvested from mid-November, the garlic is then hung to maximise flavour, and cleaned and stored at a controlled temperature and humidity to produce the tarry black cloves that are so rich and complex in flavour. No extra ingredients, additives or preservatives are used in the process and no extra cooking is required after purchase.

Garlicious Grown specialises in black garlic cloves, paste, powder, aioli and dressing. Over the past seven years of operation, its products have been awarded Gold and Silver medals at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show, Gold at the Australian Food Awards and State Winner in the From The Earth category at the delicious magazine Produce Awards.


Those sweet, spreadable cloves of black garlic don’t just look fascinating but they are also said to come with a host of health benefits

While many of us will be familiar with the advantages of eating plain garlic in its traditional form, it is said that the process used to create black garlic can also enhance some of its benefits, particularly its strong antioxidant effects.


  • Multi-award-winning products
  • Pure black garlic with no additives or preservatives
  • Garlic grown using permaculture principles
  • Black aged garlic said to offer health benefits
  • Wide range of uses in food from sweet to savoury
  • Be part of the gourmet culinary trend


The historic mining town of Braidwood made a name for itself during the goldrush era but is now known as a beautiful landmark on the journey between Canberra and the NSW coast. Visitors stop to browse its many boutiques or to sample the region’s fresh produce and gourmet food products. 

Braidwood was the first town to be listed on the NSW Heritage Register in 2007, and today its colonial buildings are inhabited by cafes, restaurants and specialty shops selling locally made wares.

Located less than 300km south of Sydney, almost 100km east of Canberra and 60km northwest of Batemans Bay, Braidwood offers plenty of local rural charm. The Historic Braidwood Town Walk includes 54 places of interest to admire, while the Braidwood Historical Society Museum is sure to fill any gaps in your local history education.

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