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Garlicious Grown Black Garlic
We are Garlicious® Grown, a farm based business in Braidwood NSW. Jenny Daniher and Cathy Owen were growing great garlic on our family farms purely for family and friends. As firm friends, we chatted about this new product seen in high end food magazines: black garlic. As a fun challenge, we set out to produce palatable black garlic. Using small scale dehydrators with 12 months perseverance and lateral thinking, we delivered a soft luscious sweet black garlic clove. Working backwards, we applied our science and farming backgrounds to realise the necessary and sufficient circumstances to make great black garlic and refined a commercially viable method in use today (no we’re not telling either!)

About Black Garlic

While not organically certified, our garlic is grown using permaculture principles, on our farms or by friends in the Braidwood area. The garlic benefits from our cold frosty winters bringing forth wonderful flavour. Purple Monaro hard neck garlic is grown in soil enriched with farm made compost, rice straw mulch and rain. Garlic is progressively harvested from mid-November and hung to maximise flavour with moisture moving down the stalks to the cloves. The heads are cleaned and slowly cooked on farm with controlled temperature and humidity. There are no extra ingredients just pure unadulterated garlic. Black garlic has an 18 month shelf life and needs to be stored in a cool place. Keep steam away from the powders as they love to suck in moisture!
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