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Gaston Chocolat


Gaston Chocolat Vanuatu

Founded in 2017, Gaston Chocolat is named after founder Olivier Fernandez’s grandfather, who brought his family to the beautiful islands of Vanuatu in the southwestern Pacific Ocean and restored an old mansion to become a beautiful hotel. As a team and a family they remain inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of namesake Gaston and focus their efforts on living up to that name.  

This they seem to be doing very well! Today Gaston Chocolat is an artisan chocolate producer making single origin Vanuatu chocolate which blends local craftsmanship, artisanal skill and their love of people into the best product they can create. Master chocolatier Olivier leads the team to new heights through his belief in honest crafting, passion and respect for traditions. And these core values help the team to produce chocolate as ‘chocolate in its purest form’. 

And chocolate in its purest form is utterly delicious with Gaston Chocolat producing some truly scrumptious chocolate creations. Think exotic flavour combinations like Caramelized Nangae Nuts N’ Sea Salt and Rum Drummed Raisin. The locally-designed packaging is stunning as well, inspired by 19th and early 20th century banknotes, maps of the Vanuatu archipelago and drawings of the Melanesian Culture. Every piece of this well-conceived and delicious chocolate represents the paradise in which it is made. Plan to be whisked away with every bite! 


Gaston Chocolat is produced from pure single origin Vanuatu cocoa. French founder Olivier stays close with the network of local cocoa growers to guarantee the best quality cocoa beans for their chocolate. The team fly out to the remote islands to visit the growers at least every two months. And together they manage the whole harvest and post-harvest ultimately turning the cocoa fruits into delicious tasting chocolate bars!

Processing the cocoa fruits is a vital part of the production. First the beans are roasted at low temperatures which preserves the fine flavours. Then they are winnowed removing the husks and breaking the bean into small pieces. Those pieces are then refined and blended and finally the chocolate is tempered over a 48 hour period. The finished product is a perfectly creamy chocolate bar, hand wrapped by the Gaston Chocolat team ready to be thoroughly enjoyed.

If you’re interested in the process of chocolate making, make a stop at the production shop in Port Vila, capital city of Vanuatu. The workshop and store showcase each step of their artful chocolate-making process while also bringing a wonderful retail experience for chocolate lovers.


  • Traditional chocolate crafting meets Vanuatu‘s culture
  • Family owned business
  • Single-origin Vanuatu cocoa grown on remote islands
  • Expert chocolate craftsman


Vanuatu is in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. It’s made up of 13 principal (and many smaller) islands located about 800 km west of Fiji. Described as absolute paradise, the warm climate, white sand beaches and azure seas have made it a popular destination and tourist spot.

Best known for its dense rainforest, mountains and, of course, white sandy beaches, most of Vanuatu’s permanent inhabitants work in tourism, fishing and, of course, agriculture. And when it comes to food production, cocoa is an essential industry earner for Vanuatu. In fact, around 25% of rural households on Vanuatu are involved in cocoa production. Even better—the islands’ inhabitants are known for their ethical and sustainable production processes. 

A little known fact—bungee jumping was invented in Vanuatu. It comes from a local tradition where locals would jump from wooden towers with yam roots tied to their ankles!

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