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Grandvewe Cheese Tasmania


To talk about Grandvewe, you have to talk about sheep—because Grandvewe is all about their stock of beautiful milking sheep. People often ask the Grandvewe team, ‘Why sheep?’ And the answer lies in the cheesery’s stunning location. 

Though it sits atop an outcropping of peaceful, idyllic land overlooking Tasmania’s Birchs Bay, as the Grandvewe team puts it, ‘our soil sucks’. Their climate in Tasmania is cool and dry and their 40 acres of land is made up of clay-heavy, infertile soil that is not all suited for dairy cows. But it is fantastic for supporting milking sheep. 

The end result of this confluence of topography and climate is that the Grandvewe team is able to create stunning sheep’s milk cheeses, such as Old Man, a semi-hard comfort cheese that’s enjoyable straight off the wheel. Or the Gin Herbalist, which is modelled after the Fleur De Marquis (a famous sheep’s milk cheese from the island of Corsica). These artisan goodies are often crafted from traditional recipes, and with the addition of fantastic Tasmanian sheep’s milk, you can’t go wrong no matter what you choose.


At Grandvewe they have a philosophy—‘good for our sheep, good for the planet, good for you’. 

Being ‘good for their sheep’ starts with allowing their flock of pure Awassi ewes to naturally lactate between October and March when they’re milked just once a day. The rest of the time they live a leisurely life grazing the organically-farmed pasture. Mums naturally rear and feed their babies until they’re old enough to be weaned. And when a milking ewe gets too old to produce milk, she lives out the rest of her life in an ‘ewe retirement village’.

When it comes to being ‘good for the planet’ the Grandvewe team focuses on finding innovative and creative no-waste solutions to honour their land, their animals and the environment. So, they wrap cheese for shipping in frozen sheep wool, they make a pinot paste from old pinot pressings and their Gin Herbalist cheese uses botanicals from their on-site gin distillery. 

Of course, being good for us is important, too. And while the cheese the team produces is absolutely fabulous regardless of any health benefits, it also has those in spades. 98% of lactose intolerant people can eat sheep’s milk cheese, and it has no cholesterol and twice the calcium of cow’s milk.


  • Artisan sheep’s milk cheeses 
  • 100% organic
  • Sustainable and no-waste focused
  • Award-winning spirits
  • On-site Tasting House 
  • Farm shop at Brooke St Pier on the Hobart waterfront


The greater Hobart area, including Birchs Bay, is one of the most idyllic landscapes in Australia. It has a very mild climate but it does have four distinct seasons, which allows for that desirable planting and harvesting cycle. 

Here you’ll find endlessly green and rolling hills studded with cherry, apple, apricot and pear trees. You’ll see sheep peacefully grazing in pastures, and farm stands offering up carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, peas and much more. Because Tasmania has committed to using as little chemicals and processing as possible, the food here is some of the freshest you can find. Tasmania has truly earned the nickname, ‘The Apple Isle’.

The abundant organic agriculture means you can find and sample some of the best cheese (like Grandvewe!), butter, beer, honey, chocolate, berries, stone fruits, apples and wines in Australia. Farm to plate is part of the local ethos and many restaurants and chefs have ties to the farmers and producers in the area. And ou can certainly taste the difference in the food (and cheese!) on offer.

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