Scandinavian inspired crackerbread & sweet biscuits

Huske for Artisans Bend

It all began sitting, chatting to our Danish friends about the all-important 'hygge' - the envious Scandi atmosphere - think candles and hot chocolate, cosiness of the soul, comfort at home, a closeness to nature, a life led simply and slowly, together. We were munching on knækbrød, naturally seeded crackerbread, which our friends made using a recipe passed down by family through the years.

Hooked to the crunchy seeded crackerbread, I began creating variations of the recipe until stumbling across the perfect combinations to accompany cheeses, charcuterie, smoked fish or antipasto platters. I have been making knækbrød ever since, enjoying the pleasure of sharing good food with good company... natural goodness for the soul!

We hope you enjoy savouring the simple pleasures of Huske!

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