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Kris Lloyd Artisan

Kris Lloyd Artisan Cheese in South Australia


Kris Lloyd Artisan is the newest brand from Kris Lloyd, owner-operator of Woodside Cheese Wrights in the Adelaide Hills. After working with Woodside for over 20 years, Kris saw an opportunity to share fabulous cheeses and other quality products that she’d come across during her time in the culinary industry under her new brand, Kris Lloyd Artisan.

This was a natural move forward for Kris, who, after an accidental start in the cheesemaking business, is now passionate about all things cheese, food and wine. Today the Kris Lloyd Artisan brand is multi-award winning, and breaking boundaries in the international cheese world with their range of fresh, white-mould and matured cheeses from cow, goat and buffalo milk. 

This wide array of milk means that the Kris Lloyd brand can really branch out into the unique—offering interesting cheeses like the cow and goat Persian feta blend or a gin-infused cheddar with edible herbs and flowers. Beautiful and delicious!


Kris is also an energetic foodie who has been widely recognised for her work in developing the local cheese industry. Because of her expertise, she has been invited to judge Australian and international cheese competitions. Within South Australia she’s established CheeseSA and CheeseFest, and was recognised with the 2010 Testra Business Woman – Innovation Award. And her products have even been brought into Wholefoods in the USA.

But her best work is the locally-focussed cheese itself. Kris’ Artisan brand uses Australian ingredients to bring a uniquely local twist on old favourites. This includes flavours like lemon myrtle, saltbush, bush tomato, pepper berries, blackwood, native honey and Australian wildflowers. One of the most famous of these is a goats chèvre infused with lemon myrtle and native green ants. The cheese, appropriately called Anthill, ultimately won super gold at the World Cheese Awards. 


  • Australian-focussed cheeses
  • Features cow, goat and buffalo milk
  • Multi-award winning, including super gold from the World Cheese Awards
  • Milk sourced from local small herds
  • Products include gorgeous cheeses, beautiful condiments and lovely breads and crackers
  • Delicious, curated hampers available
  • Clever Little Cheese Club offers selected cheeses via subscription


The Adelaide Hills are known for being home to some of South Australia’s best food and wine. In fact, this area is ideal for growing apples, pears, cherries and strawberries. A bit further afield, you can also find citrus, stone fruit, almonds, tomatoes, cucumbers and capsicums. And it’s also the base for some incredible dairy producers.

In fact, South Australian dairy farms have a long, wonderful history of producing high-quality dairy milk. There are more than 200 dairy farms in South Australia scattered across the Adelaide Hills, Barossa Mid-North, Fleurieu, Lower Murray and the South East. The milk produced (mainly through dryland dairy farming) is highly valued for its high butterfat and protein, and because it makes incredibly delicious cheese. 

Restaurants in the Adelaide Hills are spoiled for choice. They serve South Australia’s best produce, local wines are readily (and deliciously available) and you can grab some incredible local cheeses (like Kris Lloyd Artisan).

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