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Milawa Cheese Co


David and Anne Brown founded Milawa Cheese Company in 1988, making their home in the historic Milawa Butter Factory, in the foothills of the Victorian Alps. Their mission—to make delicious Australian farmhouse cheeses inspired by European methods.

Ceredwin Brown, CEO of Milawa Cheese Co

Thirty years on, family-run Milawa Cheese Co has now had an injection of fresh insight, with Ceridwen Brown, CEO and second generation Milawa Cheese family, taking over the day-to-day management of the Victorian institution. Of course, their focus remains the same—to make a beautiful variety of premium Australian cheeses from locally-sourced, luscious goat and cow’s milk.

There are a few things that set Milawa apart from other cheesemakers. The first is their focus on creating preservative- and standardiser-free cheeses. This allows each cheese to grow and develop at its own unique pace—leading to rich, deep, moreish flavours. Secondly, each cheese is made using non-animal rennet, making them perfect for all cheese lovers. And third, all cheeses are made from clean, fresh milk sourced from local cows allowed to freely graze across the lush pastures of the King Valley and Victorian High Country. And all of these factors mean beautiful, unique and stunningly delicious cheese.


Milawa’s cheeses have each been developed from European ‘recipes’. But rather than force a fit, the team at Milawa have adapted those recipes to make the best use of Australian cheesemaking conditions and innovations. In practical terms, that means understanding the seasonal conditions of milk from local cows and goats and how this milk will affect the flavour profile and cheese style that can (and should be!) created at certain times of the year. 

When they are thinking about making a new cheese at Milawa, they may start with finding inspiration from Europe, but they never stop there. From that point they begin to play and innovate, pulling all the different cheesemaking levers to end up with a product that is absolutely unique, and utterly delicious. Of course, all Milawa cheese is sustainably made, turned and washed by hand, carefully watched over and cared for by the team. And that’s why, every Milawa cheese is a true labour of love.  


  • Handmade, farmhouse cheese 
  • Non-animal rennet used in all cheeses
  • European inspiration with Australian innovation
  • Farmhouse door sales
  • Daily cheese tastings
  • Happy, healthy free grazing cows 
  • ‘Behind the Scenes’ cheese factory tours
  • Milawa Butter Factory is also home to Wood Park Wines, Milawa Bread and The Milawa Kitchen 


The King Valley, set in Victoria’s High Country, is a beautiful slice of Australia with a rich history. From the aboriginal times through to bushrangers and the twentieth-century Italian immigrants, it has been a place of action and adventure, while maintaining its beauty and rural nature. 

Today, people are still falling in love with the King Valley. And because of its climate, topography and growing abilities, it’s become one of the most abundant food and wine producing regions in Australia. Often called the Milawa Gourmet Region because of it’s ‘must-do’ foodie activities, its full of character and charm, embraced by mountains and rivers and dotted with rolling vineyards and fields of grazing cows.

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