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You won’t be surprised to learn that Sam Mather, founder of Mull’d, is an ardent lover of mulled wine. From the first time she tasted the rich heady flavours of cinnamon, cardamon, cloves and star anise, with that bright hit of citrus, she was a goner. While her first experience was on an icy winter’s day in front of the fire in a little restaurant in New Zealand, she took that love home with her to Melbourne. Over the years, she sought out every opportunity to try mulled wines and ciders in pubs and restaurants in her home town and beyond. 

Finally, 10 years later in 2021, having perfected her own spice mix, Sam decided it was the perfect time to launch Mull’d. These beautiful products are already taking Australia by storm. Beginning with her Mulled Cider Spice Kit and Mulled Wine Spice Kit, Mull’d is making it easier than ever for Australians to embrace these intensely fragrant traditional flavours.

Mull’d is expanding their range, too. Now offering incredible dried citrus, like blood oranges, grapefruit and lemon, as well as edible botanical garnishes like rose, lavender and calendula. These lovely products can be used to beautify and add fragrance to cocktails, deserts or salads (and more!). We’re excited to see what Sam comes up with next!


When Sam first began to explore the process of making mulled wine and cider at home, she was surprised by how many recipe variations there were in the world. So she started the time-consuming process of testing each recipe and experimenting with different spice mixes and combinations. Ultimately she found the perfect curated mix of spices and aromatics that transported her right back to that little restaurant in New Zealand. And she knew she’d got it exactly right.

Today each spice mix comes with an exacting recipe so you can take advantage of the work that Sam has already done. She not only provides you with the mix of fragrant spices, but also directions to how to make the perfect brew—how to heat it, how long to steep and what kind of wine to use. So you get an amazing experience, without the hours and hours of practice!


  • Perfectly curated mulled wine and cider spice mixes
  • Range of dried citrus and edible botanical garnishes
  • Carefully tested recipes
  • 100% Aussie made
  • Wholesale and retail online shop
  • Local delivery available


Mulled wine is also known as glühwein, vino caliente, glögg, vin brulé, bisschopswijn, vin chaud, candola and vinho quente, among many other names. And this is a testament to how popular it is around the world. In fact, it originated in the 2nd century, created by Romans who would warm their wine in the cold winter. And as the Roman empire spread across much of Europe during the next century, their love of mulled wine spread as well. 

In the middle ages, Europeans began mixing spices with heated wine and using herbs and flowers as natural sweeteners. They believed this would fend off sickness, but it also made bad wines taste a lot better. In the 1890s mulled wine (known then as glogg) started to become associated with Christmas. Wine merchants began creating their own versions with unique recipes and featuring Santa Claus on the packaging. And even today, mulled wine and cider is a big part of Christmas festivities, especially in Europe. 

In Australia, mulled wine is less associated with our hot summer Christmases, but it’s become a huge part of our winter celebrations. In fact, it’s become the southern hemisphere’s hottest winter drink spurred on by increasingly popular solstice and fireside celebrations.

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