Mull'd VIC

Do you remember the first time you tasted mulled wine? Well for me I guess you could call it a life changing experience. I never looked at wine again without longing for my next mulled wine experience.

It was in a cute little pub in Arrowtown, New Zealand, where I was on a road trip with my mum and two younger sisters. I was almost eighteen and was no stranger to wine – having spent a lot of time in my grandparent’s wine cellar learning about and tasting wine growing up.

This detour to Arrowtown was much needed stop on our white-knuckled icy journey from Mt Cook to Queenstown. Despite being almost at our destination, we needed some lunch, and my mum was due for a well-deserved drink!

As we settled in on a comfy couch by the fire and perused the menu, my mum spotted the specials board and her spirits seemed to immediately lift as she exclaimed ‘mulled wine!’ and promptly ordered a mug.

I had not heard of mulled wine but after mum explained what it was, nothing sounded better than sipping on a warm, fragrant, alcoholic beverage by the fire, so of course I ordered one too.

It was… like nothing else I had ever tasted before. Sweet, warm, fruity, spicy… it was like Christmas in a mug. And I instantly knew I’d never be content with just plain old red wine again!

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