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Nimbin Valley Dairy

Paul and Kerry Wilson from Nimbin Valley Dairy


Nimbin Valley Dairy, based in Northern New South Wales, is the delicious result of five generations of dairy farmers and artisan cheesemakers. Their cow and goats’ milk cheeses aren’t just mouth-wateringly yummy, but are also steeped in history . And owners Kerry and Paul care for their 80 cows and 150 free-ranging goats, with a passion for sustainability and decades of cheese making legacy.

From a robust cheese making lineage, Paul took his rightful place in the cheese world after winning the Dairy Australia Cheese Scholarship in 2007 from the National Centre for Dairy Education. He now focuses on creating great tasting cheese inspired by traditional French and Italian cheesemaking practices, but with their own local Aussie twist. 

Kerry, also raised on a dairy farm, tends to the herd ensuring each animal is beautifully cared for. He also brings his business acumen and number- crunching abilities to the team. With a focus on sustainability and regenerative farming practises this is the cheese making dream-team. They describe their cheese as ‘simple pleasures we’ve enjoyed for generations and are now sharing with you’. And we’re so glad they do!

These beautiful cheeses epitomise artisan produce. From the soft and mouth- watering Tintenbar Triple Cream, to the award winning Nashua Washed Rind stinky, each is wholesome and delicious leaving you spoilt for choice.


With sustainability and animal welfare at the forefront of their paddock to plate philosophy, Nimbin Valley Dairy uphold their commitment to ‘walk lightly on our Earth’. Established 10 years ago, their tree planting program has already completely offset the annual greenhouse gas emissions from their goats. Their next goal is to completely offset the emissions of their cow herd and cheese making process, as well.

Combined with using 100% recyclable packaging, utilising renewable energy and reducing the use of chemical fertilisers by over 80% this team is making tracks in sustainable cheese production. Opting for composted manure and legumes to feed their pastures, they believe the secret to great tasting cheese comes from the best quality milks from their happy and healthy herd. 


  • Paddock to plate philosophy 
  • Delicious cheese made from cow and goat milk from their own happy herds 
  • Award- winning, artisan cheese
  • Free of chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics
  • Inspired by the regenerative farming practices of five decades of dairy farmers and cheesemakers 
  • Traditional French and Italian cheesemaking practice with a local twist 
  • A commitment to sustainability, animal well-being and recyclable packaging 


Traditional home of the Bundjalung people, Nimbin, on the far north coast of NSW near Byron Bay, is a popular location boasting white sandy beaches, coastal scenery, and lush rainforest. It’s also part of a thriving local economy of small farm-based food producers. 

This area, known for its local produce, is buzzing with restaurants, cool cafes, markets and festivals. Visitors and locals alike believe it’s the place to be for high-quality, farm-to-plate, artisan produce in Australia. And cheese is a big part of this. An estimated 626 registered dairy farms make New South Wales the second-largest dairy producing state, providing milk for much of the country. It’s no surprise since northern New South Wales boasts rich pastures for the munching pleasure of dairy herds of cows, goats and sheep. And the area itself adds so much to the flavour profile of its delicious cheese products.

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