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Noosa Black Garlic

Many of you can identify as lifelong 'foodies', just like husband-and-wife team Tony and Teneille.
After countless years, and thousands of plates of food sampled, enjoyed, and judged, Tony and Teneille (yes just like 'The Captain & Tennille') decided their passion for making black garlic needed to be shared with the likeminded food-loving community.
They have been making their own black garlic for years, sharing it with friends and family, so with their encouragement Noosa Black Garlic was born.
After experimenting with a range of garlic varieties, they found that Elephant Garlic (Allium ampeloprasum var. ampeloprasum) delivered the sweet, umami flavour they were seeking. This large variety provides a naturally milder flavour than its smaller garlic cousins that they think makes it perfect for Noosa Black Garlic.
They have partnered with a local farmer from the pristine Noosa hinterland producing the highest quality, organically grown Elephant Garlic as the base for our Noosa Black Garlic products. To develop their Noosa Black Garlic, the only ingredients necessary are time and temperature, and the result being beautiful onyx gems.
Not only does Noosa Black Garlic range of products taste amazing, but black garlic is also renowned for its health benefits. Teneille is an ardent cook and a naturopath with over 20 years’ experience in healthcare, and with this unique skill set, she has become a keynote speaker in the natural medicine industry. This experience underpins her understanding of the advantages of aged black garlic, with its benefits including improved digestibility, antioxidant activities and protective effects for the cardiovascular system.
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