Nuova Scuola Wines

Nuova Scuola Wines from South Burnett
Every now and then you come across an artisan producer who is really trying to do things differently. Stefano and Sarah are certainly trying to do something out of the box! Australia has some very well established wine regions and strong marketing to make sure you keep drinking Barossa, Margaret River or pretty much anything Tasmanian. But when we talk Queensland, most don't realise it's grown in this "hot" state. The scenic rim is Queensland's Hunter Valley and produces many great drops. So this is where these two have taken things far beyond sense and are winning.
Stefano is from a small village in Northern Italy. You can probably guess that he was born with wine running though his veins. Sarah grew up on the Sunshine Coast and has spent 15 vintages working in USA, Canada, France and New Zealand.  You can imagine the conversations these two had when they started dating!
They had a vision to find old world varieties from around the world and combine it with a new world terroir to produce a truly remarkable wine. Located in the South Burnett, this region is actually perfectly suited to grape growing with volcanic soils, cold frosty winters and hot dry summers. This is a wine range worth exploring.
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