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Heralding from a farming background, from Gunaikurnai, Gippsland (VIC) Andrea and Maddie are the mother and daughter duo who have perfected and bottled their five-generation-old family recipe for the most delectable, piquant, tomato-y sauce.    

OGS sauce is created weekly; handmade in small batches, using the freshest tomatoes from the local farmers in their region.  And each week, the batch is keenly tested by the wider family – purely for quality control purposes! 

OGS started as a bit of a “passion project” during the COVID lockdowns when they were sending out bottles to friends and family to bring a bit of comfort and nostalgia in the uncertain times (when we couldn’t get real hugs so needed hugs-from-the-inside).  A socially-distanced hug!  

To Andrea and Maddie, OGS is so much more than just a sauce. It's about sharing special moments, and experiencing the taste, surrounded by the ones you love.  It’s bottling your nostalgia.

As Andrea says  “'OGS' means "Only Good Stuff and while this is applicable to our ingredients, we are also about sharing and cultivating “good stuff”. Whether this be through supporting local businesses and producers, gifting OGS to someone to put a smile on their face, helping people to slow down to appreciate artisan goods or finding ways for food consumption to be more sustainable”

OGS can be enjoyed in many ways: 

With chunky sourdough, lathering of butter, and a perfectly boiled egg 

Bring any piece of meat or vegetable to life with it's sweet, salty chunky tomato goodness

Pair it with cheeses, breads, pastries and  savoury tarts.


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