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Produce of the Pacific Islands

Tanna Coffee in Vanuatu, Pacific Islands producer

Australians have a real love for the Pacific Islands. For many, it is our paradise. Warm weather, welcoming people & relaxation. Unfortunately the Pacific Islands are at their most vulnerable, right now, since the start of the pandemic. Latest research shows that only 58% of businesses believe that will survive to the end of the COVID crisis. This is the lowest point since business confidence surveys commenced in May last year. The Lowy Institute suggests that the region has been put back 10 years in terms of economic development!

Cheese Therapy was conceived because of a holiday in Vanuatu and for this reason, we have always felt a real affinity for Vanuatu, but also all Pacific Islands. The best way to support economic develop is through supporting small businesses in these areas. This is why we will aim to include more Pacific Island treats on this page so you can directly support these small producers. Not every producer makes this page, only the ones of the Cheese Therapy standard.

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