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Pudding Lane


Pudding Lane from Newcastle, NSW

Every creation that comes out of the Pudding Lane kitchen has been handmade from a special family recipe, using the finest ingredients available. These award-winning puddings aren’t just for Christmas, but perfect for celebrating all of the wins between festive seasons.

The delicious combination of local, free-range eggs with fresh butter, locally baked bread, spices, 100% Australian sulphite-free vine fruits and oak-matured brandy straight from the Barossa Valley, among a few other secret ingredients, results in Pudding Lane’s multi-award-winning creations. Ingredients are weighed individually and combined by hand to ensure that every single pudding is a labour of love.

Pudding Lane began as a home-based family business and has since expanded into an award-winning company and a firm favourite of many loyal customers who reserve their traditional ‘boiled-in-the-cloth’ puddings every Christmas.

Pudding Lane has also expanded its product offerings, now hand-crafting a range of divine puddings for all occasions throughout the year. The classic Christmas round pudding has been joined by the likes of macadamia and brandy, triple chocolate, chocolate rum and raisin, chocolate and orange, and gluten-free varieties, while pudding logs available in date and toffee, rum and plum, mango and brandy, and vegan are perfect for sneaking individual slices. 

Every pudding is individually mixed and shaped, before being hand-tied with calico and string, then boiled in the cloth in the traditional method using old-style gas-fired coppers for a number of hours. Puddings are then hung on a line to naturally dry, age and mature to perfection.

With so much attention to detail spent on every single pudding, it comes as no surprise that Pudding Lane has picked up a number of awards over the years, including Gold and Bronze at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show, Gold at the UK Great Taste Awards and Gold at the Australian Food Challenge Awards.


Forget paddock to plate, here it’s all about paddock to pudding.

The Pudding Lane team jokes that they are “accidental environmental enthusiasts”. The company’s traditional cooking methods and commitment to sourcing local ingredients mean its food miles and carbon footprint are impressively small.

Pudding Lane doesn’t use any automated processes and therefore every step in the pudding-making process is conducted by hand – from turning the local bread into breadcrumbs to cracking the eggs (yes, eggshells are collected for organic waste recycling), from weighing the pudding mixture into cloths to tying them with string. Squares of natural calico are used time and time again to make hundreds of puddings – and when a cloth develops a hole, it is cut to a smaller size rather than being thrown out.

Puddings are boiled in coppers that use the most gas-efficient technology, before the finished products are dressed in cotton with product labels made from post-consumer-waste recycled material and printed with vegetable-based inks. Puddings are then packaged in cartons made locally from 100% recycled material. 

At Pudding Lane there are no production lines, no electric steam ovens, the water is solar heated, grey water is captured for staff facilities and gardens, and the kitchen lighting uses the latest energy-efficient technology. 


  • Inherited family recipe and local, fresh ingredients
  • Traditionally made using the ‘boiled-in-the-cloth’ method
  • Every pudding made by hand
  • Gluten-free and vegan options
  • Enjoy a taste of Christmas all year round


As the second-biggest city in NSW, Newcastle is a bustling metropolis boasting a rich history, magnificent beaches and thriving food scene. Its industrial past placed heavy focus on coal and steel, but the city is now experiencing a rebirth. 

Said to boast more artists per capita than any other city in Australia, creativity is valued and actively supported here. From its art galleries and street art to music venues, innovative eateries and fine food artisans, there is plenty to see, do and gobble in Newcastle.

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