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Relish Café

Why Was Relish Established?

Well... the short and thick of it is that we, Mel and Michael (above) love our community. We proudly support our local people and our local producers.

The word "relish" means "great enjoyment" and in championing this meaning, we have built a brand and nurtured this humble meeting place into a busy suburban café. We serve great, honest food with big flavour and good coffee, all with a service aspect that will make you feel warm and welcome and its why so many people keep coming back.

Relish has been built on this philosophy, and this is just one of the reasons that we keep opening our doors to you every day.


The team at Relish takes great pride in making as much as possible in our menu that we offer our guests here in the café kitchen. This includes:

  • Brioche, brioche rolls/buns, white bread, bagels, fruit toast, and banana bread.
  • All the delicious cakes displayed in the cake cabinet, including our much-loved lemon tart and our decadent gluten-free caramel slice.
  • Happy morsels of our own salted caramel popcorn grace the teaspoon alongside each hot beverage served to you in the café.
  • Our kiss biscuits are a bit of a favourite for our smaller (and big) guests to enjoy. Guess what? You can even buy the same kiss biscuits on Artisans Bend
  • If you love kimchi, you will be delighted to learn we ferment, burp, and love our very own recipe.
  • Lamb shoulders are slowly braised overnight for our menu in a house-made master stock that we keep using and building. It is THE secret to the amazing flavour.
  • Real chicken breast is lovingly roasted here in our café, as well as our own pork belly with its divine crackling.

Of course, we do not make our free-range eggs (we leave that to the professionals), and the sourdough can't get better than our local artisan at Sandy's Sourdough, which you'll find teamed with a number of our favourite dishes. 

Have you noticed that we even bottle and jar our most prized and loved menu item – The Relish and The BBQ sauce?  Eat it in our house or yours, you can purchase these here on Artisans Bend.  Other treats on there are available to purchase as well, like our kiss biscuits and our salted caramel popcorn.


We've implemented a cup swap system in the café with Green Caffeen, which costs you nothing and enables you to leave with a re-useable coffee cup for your takeaway brew. Next time you are in, simply swap it out for another clean cup with your order.

Local innovators The Udder Way have joined with us to provide a revolutionary 18L keg milk system that enables us to eliminate a lot of single-use plastics!


We have taken the step to sell our most popular products that we make for our patrons in the café.  Due to the demand that we faced from our regular customers, we started selling our relishes, sauces, popcorn, and biscuits so that they could enjoy them at home.  Now you can enjoy them too!

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