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Section 28 Cheese

Section 28 Cheese in South Australia


Section28 creates luxury, raw milk artisan cheeses handcrafted in the Adelaide Hills. Owner Kym Masterson uses traditional European cheese-making methods (learned hands on by him in France) enhanced by a wonderful understanding of our own distinct Aussie flavours. The result of this beautiful marriage? Unique and stunningly delicious hard and semi-hard alpine cheeses.

From the start, quality is at the heart of everything they do at Section28. From their selection of the finest raw milk to  their process of cave ageing their cheeses at their cheesery in Woodside, this attention to detail makes for a mouth-watering finished product. 

The refining process, or affinage, means that some cheeses are aged for over 600 days. They will only be deemed  ready once peak flavour is achieved and the head affineur gives it the tick of approval. This slow cheese making process aims to capture every nuance of flavour and quality and it succeeds very well! The dairy brought home an incredible number of accolades at the recent 2021 SA Dairy Awards, including eight golds, three top golds and four trophies.

Today cheese lovers are spoilt for choice. Section28 offers their award-winning flagship cheese, a semi-hard raw milk cheese, Montforte, that won the prestigious Delicious produce awards in 2016. But they also have Mont Priscilla, a semi-soft cheese, described as buttery, sweet, smooth and with hints of fresh hay. Whatever your pleasure, Section28 has it.


Terroir is the concept that food can have specific qualities that are brought into the product by their place of origin. It’s not just that the quality of the end product is changed by the land (though this is true as well). But that the taste of the land itself becomes somehow infused into the item. And this is something that Section28 embraces. 

For Section28 the end game is conveying the unique flavour and aroma of the Adelaide Hills through their award-winning cheeses. But they also take the additional step of making uniquely seasonal cheeses. For example, the limited-edition and supremely lust worthy La Primavera is available only from February to April as it’s made with local spring milk and spring milk alone.


  • Cave-aged, handcrafted, raw milk artisan cheeses
  • Multi award-winning
  • Terroir focused cheese making                                                  
  • Collaborative practices with local producers


Known as one of Australia’s coolest and most elevated wine regions, the Adelaide Hills, just 20 mins from Adelaide CBD, has plenty to offer to foodie and tourists alike. Lush and leafy, it’s renowned for its cool climate wines and delicious artisan dairy products, such as cheese, ice cream, yoghurt and milk chocolate. In fact, while it was once known primarily for its scenery and tranquillity, Adelaide Hills has fast become the foodie hotspot of South Australia!

Today’s Adelaide Hills restaurants are brimming with local produce. With cellar doors open along leafy groves, Adelaide Hills is the perfect place for nature lovers and a great choice for      escaping the stressors of everyday life. From spring strawberry picking to snow-covered peaks in winter, the Adelaide Hills has something for everyone no matter the season.

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