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My name is Emma, I live on the South Coast of NSW and I make and sell traditional Korean Kimchi.

I started making kimchi a number of years ago because I love the flavour. When I fell pregnant with my son I wanted to increase my gut microbiome, I looked at the list of things to eat and Kimchi was on the list which was great because I already had it in the fridge. After going through my stash of kimchi I thought I’d buy some only to find that all I could find was sauerkraut made with fish sauce and chilli flakes which is fine but not if you want a true kimchi experience.

Time went by and while on maternity leave I started panicking that I wouldn’t be getting a wage for the next 12 months a thought came over me ‘what if I jar up the kimchi and sell it at the local farmers market?’

Well the rest is history as they say and after 3 years I now work full time in the business and my goal of bringing traditional Korean Kimchi to smaller local areas on the South Coast and beyond is now coming to reality.

I hope you like the kimchi as much as I do and thanks for reading.

Kimchi is so versatile; it can be used as a whole meal by making a kimchi noodle pancake or a kimchi stew and just as easy to have it on the side of your eggs in the morning or with your Poke bowl for lunch or through a kimchi fried rice for dinner.

Soon to be featured in Gourmet Traveller, the Daikon Radish Kimchi is a big seller at the South Coast markets I attend. You will also find me at the Narooma Oyster Festival every year in May.

Buying artisan products is not only great for you, it’s also great for the communities you live in and where those products come from.

I started South Coast Kimchi Co as a way for people to experience traditional kimchi and also to educate and start a discussion around what is traditional food and how it’s produced. My experience so far has far succeeded my wildest expectations of the connections I’ve made and things I’ve learned. I could not be more grateful for these experiences and for what is to come.

Sustainable food systems that are easy to connect into and are void of an elitist attitude is what I am all about and it’s those connections that I seek.


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