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The Tanna Coffee plantations is located in the breath-taking Vanuatu island of Tanna. This is one of the most beautiful parts of the world which also matches the people and the coffee. In actual fact, Cheese Therapy was born just 2min from the Tanna Coffee Roasting House! So this is very close to our heart.

What's happening in the South Pacific Islands is an unfolding disaster. Through 2020, the Pacific Islands have been decimated due to COVID-19. Tanna Coffee supports almost 1,000 small coffee farmers that they exclusively buy from. However, with no tourism, sales have dropped to just 10% of pre-COVID days. Responsible for feeding about 5,000 people, you can imaging the current situation. Buying this beautiful coffee makes a huge difference to thousands of people.

Its rich volcanic soils and heavy annual rainfall of Tanna Island provide a highly fertile environment to grow their 'Semi-Dwarf’ Catimor varieties of Arabica. These special coffee hybrids have been developed from some of the world’s finest coffee stock. These conditions are an ideal location for growing pure and organic coffee in a sustainable, non-harmful manner.

Did you know that purchasing your coffee in bean form is perfect to keep your coffee at its freshest. Just store in a cool dry place in an airtight container, and grind just before so you can get the ultimate effect from this heavenly coffee.

Who are Tanna Coffee?

Tanna Coffee in Vanuatu Pacific Islands
The story behind The Tanna Coffee Development Company (TCDC) is incredibly moving. Tanna Island has been part of the coffee industry since 1852, when it started producing Arabica Coffee. And Tanna Coffee was established in 1982 to assist in the development of the newly independent South Pacific nation of Vanuatu, in conjunction with a ‘Smallholder Farmer’ program. until the early 1990’s. However, severe climatic conditions and coffee leaf rust disease saw a drastic end to any coffee production.

Private investors bought TCDC from the Vanuatu government, introducing new ‘rust resistant’ varieties of Arabica Coffee and planting these through the Smallholder Program to encourage production. Although sadly, the harvesting process was not well handled and no real progress was made.

Then a coffee farmer from Australia, Terry Adlington, took over the company in 1998. Over a period of three years, he lived and worked alongside the Tanna Island farmers, educating them on the techniques of coffee growing. Once he had helped establish a quality coffee production, he moved TCDC to Port Vila and set up a Coffee Roastery.

Over the next 13 years, production was outstanding, and in 2014, TCDC recorded a maximum production of over 86 tonne.

Then on 12 March 2015, Tropical Cyclone Pam devastated Vanuatu and all of it's 84 Islands. Not only destroying homes, but the 90% of the coffee trees, leaving 650 coffee farmers without a source of income.

But they didn’t let this stop them. And for the next few years they worked hard to stump, prune and replant their livelihood back, and have dramatically improved production.
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