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Tassie Tom

TassieTom is a family business based on Hobart's Eastern Shore.

It's simple. Our family loves Tasmania and good food needs to be shared. Now you can enjoy a taste of Tasmania too!

Over the last 5 years we have introduced some delicious Australian products to the market including TassieTom's Apple Isle Deluxe Muesli (a delicious Tasmanian themed artisan muesli) and addictive Smoked Almond Butter which can only be described as 'bacon for vegans!'. 

We have also created a unique range of premium Tasmanian Walnut products - Walnutter. Tassie's own Walnut Butter in Natural and Honey; all handcrafted from Walnuts grown on the East Coast of Tasmania. 

We are currently extending our range of innovative Tasmanian products so keep checking this page... there's much more to come!

Tassie Tom for Artisans Bend

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