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The Beekeeper's Honey

The Beekeeper's Honey for Artisans Bend

We're three generations of the Brenton family, and we, and our team, are your Australian beekeepers. We supply our honey, beeswax and certified Australian manuka direct to customers through Artisans Bend and at markets in the Port Macquarie region.

We look after the entire honey production process, from raising queen bees to caring for the worker bees right through to honey harvesting, bottling and labelling. We call it "from the bush to the bottle".
Here at ‘The Beekeeper’ you’ll  get great tasting honey from the beekeepers who produced it. The honey is extracted using modern, hygienic equipment. Nothing is added to it and nothing is done to change its flavour or quality. It's honey like our great grandparents used to harvest and enjoy.We hope you enjoy it and thank you for supporting our company and community.
We've been doing this a long time, because we love it and we're good at it.
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