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The Spice People

The Spice People is a speciality brand that’s all about sourcing the finest quality herbs and spices from all corners of the world. Our passion for exploring the world one dish at a time and bringing the globe’s most celebrated dishes to our customer saw the evolution of our newest range - Flavours of the World.

Born during a year of global disconnection, Flavours of the World was created to reconnect with our world and explore beyond our borders through a culinary journey. Our ethos is all about introducing spices of the world into everyday cooking and making it simple, easy, affordable, and fun. Flavours of the World is not just about discovering new and exotic flavours from our world’s most renowned culinary corners but is about creating and harnessing a global community of foodies by connecting people, cultures, and cuisines. 
Our story began in 1997 with our founder and esteemed spice expert, Liz Edgecombe. Liz is a businesswoman, single mother, traveller, and passionate foodie that believes great cooking begins with flavour and the best locally sourced ingredients. Growing up in rural NSW, Liz lived strongly by a paddock-to-plate philosophy and was taught from a young age the importance of producing food the natural way. She is passionate about teaching others of the wonderful benefits of spices, with Liz being featured on platforms like My Market Kitchen and The Age Good Food Guide and works on the ground alongside our producers and chefs every step of the way to ensure the best product and recipes for our consumers. 
Our raw materials are hand-selected and evaluated before being carefully blended into our bespoke original crafted recipes. These recipes have been sourced from the heart of the regions where they are famous, often over the kitchen table or a shared local meal. Liz loves to wander amongst the street vendors and local restaurants for inspiration, learning about country’s cuisines from the locals themselves. All our blends are lovingly created here in Melbourne with our team of passionate foodies, creating small batches to deliver you with the best. All our products are vegan and completely free from preservatives, additives, sugar and fillers; simply put, we let nature do the talking.
Cooking with spices to us is about more than just adding flavour, it’s about cultivating a shared experience and enriching journey into other cultures and cuisines through our universal language – food. As part of our spice-sourcing journey we have become involved with supporting KIVA – a non-profit organisation helping to alleviate poverty through small business loans. These loans help individuals and groups who could not otherwise get funding to grow their businesses. In particular we support many women groups and to date, we have facilitated 53 loans in 28 different countries. It feels good to be able to help people continue to practice traditional farming and businesses in their home countries.
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