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Trang Hue Marinades and Sauces

Trang, the founder, and owner of Trang Hue Marinades and Sauces, started this company with a dream. 

Originally from Hue in Vietnam, Trang wanted to share quality Vietnamese food with people throughout the Central West of NSW and now she wants to spread the dream to Australia with her Marinades and Sauces.

She is very passionate about Vietnamese food, especially dishes from the ‘Hue’ region, and takes great pride in introducing people to the delicacies she is so proud of.

Trang shares her passion and pride for Vietnamese food with her her staff, setting the bar  high in customer satisfaction. Along with the authentic Vietnamese food, they pride ourselves on their professional and efficient service and the comfortable atmosphere that they have worked  to create. So, stop by and let us dazzle you with our top-notch Vietnamese food.

Remember to try one of Trang's Restaurants when you're next in Orange NSW 

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