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Zentveld's Coffee


Zentveld's Coffee

When we think of Zentveld’s, we think of the perfect marriage of Melbourne’s sophistication and Byron Bay’s casual vibe. Imagine a coffee that is crafted with the highest amount of precision, yet still manages to deliver to you wide-ranging, Australian-embracing flavours, and you have Zentveld’s. 

In 1993, Rebecca and John moved from the urban life in Melbourne back to John’s family farm in Byron Bay. They wanted to create a coffee brand that encompassed all that they had experienced from the Melbourne coffee scene but with a high-quality Australian-grown bean. So, they set to work building Zentveld’s coffee roastery. They knew the Byron Bay hinterlands was the perfect place, boasting a cool climate terroir with just the right conditions to nurture beautiful coffee produced in a sustainable and ethical manner. 

Rebecca set about conceptualising the inaugural roast profiles and blends experimenting and learning along the way. And today Zentveld’s coffee offers just that wonderful marriage. From the Matilda, a coffee with a vibrant, bright acidity, a sweet fruit body and a soft plum finish to their easy-to-brew Fix Coffee Pods, which give you the fresh and strongest Aussie coffee blend with a dark chocolate body and malt notes straight into your Nespresso machine, Zentveld’s coffee has gone from strength to strength. And we’re incredibly lucky that today the Zentveld’s team brings their artisan coffee from their stunning Byron Bay farm and roastery right to your door.


Organic farming methods are extremely important to Zentveld’s. They look after their soil by planting cover crops for biodiversity, soil health and to attract pollinating stingless native bees. They work with entomologists to find the best ways to plant with diversity and ultimately safeguard their Arabica coffee plants. And they farm their land naturally pesticide free, with no nasty sprays or chemical agri-fertilisers. This is great for the environment, great for the land and also allows us to enjoy our cuppa without concern.

The Zenveld’s team also has a firm commitment to regenerative farming. This means they put everything they can back into the land. All cover crops and waste matter from processing and tree trimmings are returned to the land as mulch or compost adding to soil health. They also accept other producers’ organic ‘waste’, such as hemp husk to mulch their 40 acres of coffee trees. They partner with neighbouring growers when there is a harvest shortage as well, working together with their local community of coffee growers who follow like-minded green farming practices.


  • Family coffee plantation in the hills behind Byron Bay
  • Cool climate coffee
  • Organic coffee, teas, chocolate, syrups and elixirs 
  • Family owned and operated
  • Sustainable, organic, carbon reducing production
  • Regenerative farming practises


Zentveld’s is based in Newrybar, a historic town in the rolling hinterlands, approximately 15 minutes’ drive from trendy Bryon Bay. A diverse and popular location, this area boasts white sandy beaches, coastal scenery and lush rainforest. Its mix of country charm, history and laid back vibes make it the perfect place to come for rest and relaxation—and for sitting back and enjoying great coffee!

The cool climate makes it a perfect choice for coffee growers. Here growers can care for their coffee beans without the use of harmful pesticides, unlike other climates (particularly where foreign beans are grown) that are more susceptible to pests and diseases. Bryon Bay is also the home of great produce. From contemporary cuisine cafes, artisan breads, premium macadamias, farm gate produce and, of course, amazing tasting coffee, produce lovers will never want for something delicious and wonderful to tempt them!

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