How Cheese Therapy began


Sam and Helen are the owners and founders of Cheese Therapy, a small, family business in Queensland. For the past few years they did everything themselves - choosing, cutting, wrapping, packing and posting cheese all over Australia!

In 2020 we became an "overnight success" by offering a Therapy Box of all Australian cheesemakers to support traditional makers impacted by bushfires, then the coronavirus - now we have a bigger team and even more cheese fans and we are all very grateful for our loyal cheese lovers. 

It all began in 2015 with a week's holiday in the French-founded colony of Vanuatu and were impressed by the range of artisanal produce available, especially cheeses, compared to the big, bland supermarkets of Australia. This sparked the idea of importing and fostering handmade cheeses by Australian cheesemakers, and delivering them to your door! Voila - Cheese Therapy!

Above: The Cheese Therapy launch in April 2015.


The company's founding Cheese Therapists Helen and Sam share a passion for fine cheese!

Sam is the driving force behind Cheese Therapy and enjoys meeting and supporting cheesemakers who take great pride in their produce. Helen has years of graphic design experience and manages the brand. We also have a small team of Cheese Angels who support customer service, marketing, packing and shipping. We plan and work months in advance to bring you incredible cheese that's made and shared with love. 


We LOVE cheese and wanted a really good excuse to eat a lot of cheese, but the key reason we do this every day is because it's so difficult to get great cheese in Australia if you live outside a big city or not in a farming area. Once you've experienced out-of-this-world cheese - on a magical European holiday, in a boutique deli, visiting a cheesemaker, or with cheese loving friends - it's addictive! We know. And we can ship our cheese packs to your doorstep across the country.
We also love the makers and stories behind each cheese we offer because it is artisanal, boutique, hand made, traditional and often from places that have been doing it for hundreds of years. We want to share these stories with you and connect you. Blessed are the cheesemakers!
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