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Brewed By Belinda - ESCAPE THE LIMELIGHT - Herbal Tisane Canister
Brewed By Belinda - ESCAPE THE LIMELIGHT - Herbal Tisane Canister
Load image into Gallery viewer, Brewed By Belinda - ESCAPE THE LIMELIGHT - Herbal Tisane Canister
Load image into Gallery viewer, Brewed By Belinda - ESCAPE THE LIMELIGHT - Herbal Tisane Canister

Brewed By Belinda - ESCAPE THE LIMELIGHT - Herbal Tisane Canister

Brewed By Belinda

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WINNER - TEA CHAMPION 2021 - Tasmanian Fine Food Awards

WINNER - GOLD MEDAL 2021 - Best Australian Herbal, Spice + Fruit Blend. Tasmanian Fine Food Awards

WINNER - SILVER MEDAL 2021 & 2020 - Best Fruit Infusion

WINNER - BRONZE MEDAL 2021 & 2020 - Best Freshly Made (cold brew) Golden Leaf Awards

Illuminate from within... Run darling run! From all the things! Run to the inner sanctuary that awaits you in your imagination. Think warm nights by the pool as the palm trees sway. May this summery tisane, with a special secret ingredient, be the utterly delicious brew to whisk you there. Ditch your silly wig and oversize sunnies, feel the sunshine on your back, wriggle your toes. You are free from the Paparazi.

45 grams, premium organic loose leaf herbal tisane.

Our gorgeous gift style canisters are handmade in Japan by skilled craftspeople at KOTODO. They are a masterpiece in themselves! With a gold metal inner plug-in lid to keep the tea ultra fresh, they are made from lead-free food grade tin steel and are of the highest quality - plus they are 100% recyclable. They are a true example of handmade excellence. You deserve the very best.

Escape The Limelight is like a holiday in a cup! A moment of wondrous retreat... This uplifting and refreshing blend was inspired by sunshine, warm summer nights by the pool, swaying palm trees, waves lapping on the beach, perhaps a refreshing Mojito or G&T in hand, happy relaxed laughter and deep contentment - when all is well and it feels like something wonderful is about to happen!

The flavours are full - but light and bright - lively lime, refreshing lemon myrtle, sweet spearmint, soothing calendula and... our special secret ingredient, a sprinkle of gourmet pink flakey salt crystals to make all the flavours shine. All blended expertly to arrive at a harmonious and illuminating unique cup. AMAZING as a cold brew!

We have sourced our organically grown limes locally from a beautiful bountiful lime tree here in Adelaide. They are hand picked, sliced and then dehydrated and hand broken into segments (talk about hand made!) and then lovingly blended. We love taking creative risks and the addition of beautiful Murray River Pink Salt was such a wonderful revelation as it makes all of the flavours pop!

Escape The Limelight is a seasonal blend in the Brewed By Belinda range of teas and it will only be available when we can source organically grown limes in season.

We hope you love this blend as much as we loved creating it for you.

May this cup whisk you away to your inner sanctuary where peace and calm reside.

Let the light in x


INGREDIENTS & BREW INSTRUCTIONS Organically Grown Dried Lime Segments, Organic Spearmint, Organic Lemon Myrtle, Organic Calendula Petals and Murray River Pink Salt.

Hot tea - 1 generous tsp per cup / Brew at 100C for 3-5 minutes Iced tea - 2 generous tsp per cup / Brew in cold water in the fridge overnight

Add a dash of sparkling mineral H2O or soda to create a refreshing tea spritzer. Garnish with lime. Caffeine Free.

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