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Brewed By Belinda - WARM UP - Black Tea Pouch
Brewed By Belinda - WARM UP - Black Tea Pouch
Load image into Gallery viewer, Brewed By Belinda - WARM UP - Black Tea Pouch
Load image into Gallery viewer, Brewed By Belinda - WARM UP - Black Tea Pouch

Brewed By Belinda - WARM UP - Black Tea Pouch

Brewed By Belinda

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Limber body, mind and soul A smooth and malty breakfast style tea to leave you bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready to embrace the day. You’ll be hanging to don your lycra, write your opera or blow your trumpet after this!

90 grams, premium organic loose leaf black tea. Refill Pouch.

A bright garnet cup, smooth and full bodied, with notes of malt and dried fruit.

Aroma has hints of bitter-sweet dark chocolate and fruity undertones. Perfect breakfast style tea or brisk afternoon cup served with or without a dash of milk.

We source our beautiful Assam from the Aideobarie Tea Estate situated on the banks of the River Teok in Assam, northeast India. Aideobarie is a fourth-generation, 122-year-old family-owned small business that has been producing award winning teas since 1897.

Aideobarie has a strong focus on sustainability and a commitment to nurturing the land where the tea is grown. Aideobariei is trustea org certified, which is a sustainability code and verification system for the Indian tea sector.



Organic Assam Black Tea (camellia sinensis) from India

Hot tea - 1 tsp per cup / Brew at 95-100C for 3-5 minutes / Milk & sugar friendly

Iced tea - 2 generous tsp per cup / Brew in cold water in the fridge overnight

Drink plain or add a dash of sparkling mineral H2O or soda to create a refreshing tea spritzer. Garnish with preferred herbs and petals.

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