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Flip Shelton's fruit & coconut natural muesli

Flip Shelton's Natural Muesli & Porridges

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This one's for the kids! And those that say they don't do muesli! I call it my muesli for beginners.

My ‘fruit & coconut natural muesli' contains 35% dried fruit - apricots, apple, cranberries, currants and sultanas, making it naturally sweet. It has a super smooth texture due to the oat blend made up of fine rolled oats and baby oats, making it easy to digest. And It contains shredded coconut which is another naturally sweet ingredient.

But this blend is more than just delicious. More and more research is showing us the importance of coconut in our diet for health and wellbeing. For years coconut has been tarnished with the ‘high in fat’ brush however researchers have found what ancient civilisations have known for years - that eating foods high in fat (like nuts, seeds, avocado and coconut) can help us to lose weight. Coconut has a low GI, is high in fibre, vitamins and minerals. It can improve digestion, speed up metabolism and reduce sweet cravings. It’s also gluten-free and hypoallergenic. (This blend though is NOT gluten-free.)

This is my son's favourite muesli blend - and he helped me create it.

Serving suggestions: With all my mueslis there is such a large proportion of the good stuff - in this case the dried fruits, that all you need to add is your choice of milk - dairy, soy, almond, oat, rice... This is also a fantastic muesli to make bircher muesli. Soak 2 parts 'fruit & coconut' muesli; 1 part yogurt; 1 part fresh OJ and store in fridge overnight. Next day - your breakfast is good to go! Bircher muesli makes a terrific (and transportable) afternoon tea.

Best stored in a cool dark place. And best used within two months of opening.

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