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Grandvewe Cheesemaker Pack
Grandvewe Cheesemaker Pack
Grandvewe Cheesemaker Pack
Primavera by Grandvewe. Tasmanian cheesemaker using sheep's milk.
Optional extra, the Grazing Box featuring fine artisan Australian produce that works perfectly well with artisan cheese.
Load image into Gallery viewer, Grandvewe Cheesemaker Pack
Load image into Gallery viewer, Grandvewe Cheesemaker Pack
Load image into Gallery viewer, Grandvewe Cheesemaker Pack
Load image into Gallery viewer, Primavera by Grandvewe. Tasmanian cheesemaker using sheep's milk.
Load image into Gallery viewer, Optional extra, the Grazing Box featuring fine artisan Australian produce that works perfectly well with artisan cheese.

Grandvewe Cheesemaker Pack


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Sending from 6 April

We love working with our cheesemakers. Their passion shows in the artful way they craft their cheeses. Grandvewe is no exception, a maker who has taken all of the hardest paths possible. Innovation, the environment and sustainability are key. In this special pack we include four cheeses that they have chosed to highlight what is currently in season and at its best.

In this pack you will get:

  • Gin Herbalist Sheep's Milk
  • Primavera Sheep's Milk
  • Toto Sheep's Milk
  • Old Man Sheep's Milk
  • Tasting & Pairing Notes

Further Details...

Who is Grandvewe?

Grandvewe is located 40 mins due South of Hobart overlooking the calm waters between Bruny Island and the "mainland" (as mainland as Tasmania can get). This family run farm and cheesemaking operation also includes Hartshorn Distillery for handmade gin and vodka, sometimes more. Can life get any better? The slow life of Birchs Bay makes it easier to mature these wheels of Primavera for 12 months, waiting for the next flow of Spring milk from the farm.

What are the cheeses*?

This pack includes four cheeses that will thrill you and your tastebuds - every single one is exceptional.

SEMI HARD: Gin Herbalist
Milk   |  Vegetarian

Gin and cheese. Of course! Grandvewe also make sheep whey gin so why not combine the two? After Head Distiller Ryan distills his gin, the spent Australian botanicals are rubbed on the outside to create a very unique cheese that has won them much praise across the country. It even won Best Cheese as the recent World Dairy Innovation Awards! Yes, you're right to be intrigued now!


HARD: Primavera 
Milk   |  Vegetarian

Nicole took the centuries old Spanish recipe of Manchego to create this Primavera for you. Rather than trying to alter the recipe to suit, like many other makers might, Nicole stuck to her guns to make a Manchego the way tradition states, but allowed for the terroir of her piece of heaven to give it distinct characteristics that make it more Tasmanian. 


SOFT: Toto
Milk   |  Vegetarian

When young, Toto has a semi-soft to firm texture but let it mature and ripen up (we like pushing this one past its best before date) so it can become a real softie at heart. Mmm nothing like a soft, gooey cheese! This is Toto at its best. Enjoy the mushroom and earth-like aromas with a sweet, lactic paste that just keeps getting better.


HARD: Old Man
Milk   |  Vegetarian

Gandvewe wash the rind with Brevi Linens and use Cardon Thistle as the rennet of choice, giving the old man a nice rind. Originally crafted so Grandvewe could use the Raclette machine, it melts well on toast, potatoes or anything really! Gooey, warm, melted goodness he is!

5 Reasons why you should buy these:

  1. Grandvewe is a very small family-owned cheesemaker who needs help. They need your support to buy a wheel so they can survive and help their sheep's milk suppliers survive as well.
  2. Sheep's milk has twice as much protein as cow and goat milk - a wonderfood!
  3. It has four times more vitamin C than goat milk (there's none in cow's milk).
  4. It has roughly 1.5 times the Vitamin B12, Calcium, Magnesium and Folate of the other two major milks. 

* Cheeses may change without notice if they become unavailable. In this case, we will substitute with another great cheese. 

Blessed are the cheesemakers. 


Add on The Grazing Box

The Grazing Box includes four great artisan products to add more life to your cheeseboard. Each item has been specially selected to complement each of the cheeses and support four small artisan makers. In the Grazing Box there is:

    • Fleur Lavosh by Silver Tongue

    • Marinated Baby Figs by Far Meadows Lodge

    • Orange, Cinnamon and Cayenne Dark Chocolate by Jasper & Myrtle

    • Quince Paste and Pear & Pink Pepper Paste by Ugly Duck Fine Foods



    Flat rate shipping of $9.95 for order with only non-chilled and $14.95 for chilled items from Grandvewe

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 62 reviews
    Felicity (Melbourne, AU)
    Christmas cheer

    Instead of the usual champagne from my sister, who lives OS, she organised a delivery of this delicious cheese tasting platter for her five siblings and their partners plus nieces and nephews. It was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone with plenty to go around and some left over for the next day! Thank you

    Emma Ferguson (Perth, AU)
    Sending much love from across the bite

    Having an intolerance to lactose, cheese has been off my menu for many years. Having a chat to the lovely folk from Grandvewe at Perth Good Food & Wine show a few years back (along with some tastings) I found that sheep milk cheese is something that most ppl with lactose intolerance can have with little to no symptoms! I ordered a variety box and loved every bite. Also the Pinot Paste paired with Old Man is to die for! Thank you for the deliciousness xx

    Alyne Ricker (Foxborough, US)
    Great birthday present

    Living half a world away, it is sometimes hard to find the right gift for my daughter and to get it there on time. I was able to order just the product that she loves, and was alerted by email along its route to her. She gave the cheese high marks, and loved the additional goodies that came in the kit. I only wish I could have been there to enjoy it with her. I will be back!

    MK (Sydney, AU)
    Grandvewe is my saviour

    I'm not usually a sucker for marketing but when I saw Grandvewe featured on ABC's Movin' to the Country I fell in love. The best bit is the cheese lived up to my heightened expectations. Old Man was delectable and the Gin Herbalist can only be described as a party for your taste buds. Cheesus may be Grandvewe's owner's saviour but their wares are mine. Thank you, you crafty, courageous cheesemakers.

    Katalin Veres (Sydney, AU)
    Excellent products and excellent experience

    Fast delivery, and beautiful cheeses, thank you. I also appreciate the sense of humour of the Cheese Therapy organisation. Outstanding experience, thank you.

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