Kris Lloyd Cheesemaker Pack
Kris Lloyd Cheesemaker Pack
Kris Lloyd Cheesemaker Pack
Kris Lloyd Cheesemaker Pack
Kris Lloyd Cheesemaker Pack
Kris Lloyd Cheesemaker Pack
Kris Lloyd Cheesemaker Pack
Load image into Gallery viewer, Kris Lloyd Cheesemaker Pack
Load image into Gallery viewer, Kris Lloyd Cheesemaker Pack
Load image into Gallery viewer, Kris Lloyd Cheesemaker Pack
Load image into Gallery viewer, Kris Lloyd Cheesemaker Pack
Load image into Gallery viewer, Kris Lloyd Cheesemaker Pack
Load image into Gallery viewer, Kris Lloyd Cheesemaker Pack
Load image into Gallery viewer, Kris Lloyd Cheesemaker Pack

Kris Lloyd Cheesemaker Pack

Kris Lloyd

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We are so excited about this pack! This is a VERY limited edition, curated pack created just for us - so if you want it, we recommend to get in quick. Kris Lloyd is an Adelaide cheesemaker who has built a serious name for her cheeses. Whether it's a special occasion, a gift for someone or just a treat for yourself, this pack of beautifully tasting and looking cheeses will bring joy to anyone who's lucky enough to receive it. 

Further Details...

Who is Kris Lloyd? 

Kris Lloyd is a self-taught Australian cheesemaker who has headed up Woodside Cheese Wrights in the Adelaide Hills for over 20 years. Kris has pioneered a range of cheeses that have a point of difference and a special place on your cheese board. Her career as a cheesemaker may have started as an accident, but she is now completely passionate about all things cheese, food, wine and the cheesemaking industry in Australia. Kris is supported by a dedicated team of cheesemakers that ensure all the cheeses produced at the factory at Woodside are of the highest quality and they are all made using local cow, goat or buffalo milk.

What are the cheeses*?

Kris has pioneered a range of cheeses that are outstanding and world renowned. Four of her best innovations are showcased in this beautiful pack:

Milk type: COW 

Tasting this beautiful cheese is a flavour sensation like no other! The regular baths in kombucha has added a pleasant sweetness to the palate. This is a dangerous combination with the nutty and fruity flavours of the cheese. After the first bite you will know why it is called ‘Milk It’, because when enjoying this cheese you want to make sure every crumbed is devoured!

Wait, there’s more! The cheesemaker herself, Kris Lloyd, has two tips for you to make the most out of your tasting experience! Tip 1 - let the cheese warm up to room temperature. Tip 2 - Try the rind! The kombuca has worked its magic!


Milk type: BUFFALO

Fresh local buffalo milk is sourced locally from a small dairy in Mypolonga, the only buffalo dairy in South Australia. It’s like a stroll in Spring or sunshine scented sheets on the line – as fresh as it gets! The milk is set using a traditional method overnight, with non-animal rennet, and the next day the curd is ladled into cheesecloth bags, it’s even calming to watch. The curd is gently drained for hours so is very delicate, pure and has just the merest pinch of salt added to finish it.


Milk type: COW   

Patrice is a triple cream brie that is wonderfully balanced with a palate of initial sweetness. The complexities of the white mould and other yeasts soon roll out, followed by a luxurious and lingering butteryness. This will then have you your eyes rolling and your mind thinking ‘Oh my!’.

As the cheese ages, it does so from the outside in. Over a period of around 6 weeks, the surface mould matures and the inside develops into a velvety rich paste of irresistible cheesy-goodness. Mmm. The closer to the best before date, the better it gets. Even better after!


Milk type: GOAT   

Spilt Milk is a new cheese birthed in 2020, created purely to help out the South Australian dairy farmers who have struggled. Kris Lloyd is a South Australian Food Ambassador and saw it as her duty to create a cheese that soaks up all of that excess milk. Aptly named after the age old saying, “There is no point crying over spilt milk.” Nicely played Kris!

This cheese is a delicious washed rind, full of flavour and well aged. Scrubbed in vintage cider from a local brewpub (that also had to close its doors) daily by senior cheesemaker, Mitch Lloyd. What’s not to love?


* Cheeses may change without notice if they become unavailable. In this case, we will substitute with another great cheese. 



Add on The Grazing Box

The Grazing Box includes four great artisan products to add more life to your cheeseboard. Each item has been specially selected to complement each of the cheeses and support four small artisan makers. In the Grazing Box there is:

    • Fleur Lavosh by Silver Tongue

    • Marinated Baby Figs by Far Meadows Lodge

    • Orange, Cinnamon and Cayenne Dark Chocolate by Jasper & Myrtle

    • Quince Paste and Pear & Pink Pepper Paste by Ugly Duck Fine Foods




    Customer Reviews

    Based on 39 reviews
    carolyn sparke (Melbourne, AU)
    great cheese!

    The Patrice is particularly yummy.

    Sue Faircloth (Richmond, AU)
    Every one a cracker!

    Every one of these cheese was amazing.
    We started with the Patrice. Gooey and creamy. Ate the whole thing in 0ne sitting. Decadent.
    Then the buffalo curd which we ate with a cheese board and the remnants went onto a bowl of pumpkin soup the next day.
    Lastly the Milk it and Spilt milk went on a cheese board and were a hit with their delicious nutty flavours. Will definitely seek these cheeses out to buy them again.

    Ma and Pa (Torquay, GB)
    Lovely anniversary gift!

    We have sent our daughter (English) and son-in-law (Aussie) a cheese gift from you before and they enjoyed it very much. This last one was just as good, if not better and as our son-in -law is a former chef and knows his cheese, I think you can say it was a hit all round. Thanks so much for your customer service, really easy to order, even from the UK!

    Donna Lee (Sydney, AU)
    Absolutely love this

    I love the Kris Lloyd selection and I love the information booklet with suggestions. This also came with a recipe card which looks easy and delicious and which I may even follow one day soon. The Milk It is superb, I had it with Gin as suggested! We had our cheese with rosemary water crackers and it matched perfectly.
    I definitely would get Kris Lloyd cheese again and will look out for it when shopping to add to future a cheese board, along with the Monet.

    David Sharpe (Sydney, AU)

    This was our first order from Cheese Therapy and we were not disappointed. All four cheese were fantastic and we'll be back for more.

    Well done Kris Lloyd. Many delicious evenings were had.

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