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Lime & Mint Shrub 500ml

Angie's Food

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What the hell is a shrub anyway? A shrub is an old world drink - a way of preserving fruit. Think of it like a drinking vinegar or a vinegar based cordial. Every batch of shrub is made with different seasonal fruit. This one is made with fresh whole limes from Food by Fiat. These were luckily saved from the floods! He grows amazing varieties of citrus including the much celebrated yuzu!

Blended with mint from Muscat Farm, this shrub is great with just soda water or try mixing with white rum, tonic water and some fresh berries for an exciting punch!

The fruit is simply fermented with Australian raw sugar and steeped with local Apple cider vinegar for this zesty drink. Nothing else!

Serving Suggestions

Add to still or fizzy water like a cordial! Serve with soda and a slice of fresh lime for a great non-alcoholic drink. Or add a dash to a gin martini. A shrub can be treated like a drink or you can use it in a salad dressing. This one is great over a salad with grilled chicken, avocado and a really good quality extra virgin olive oil.

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