Prom Country Cheesemaker Pack
Prom Country Cheesemaker Pack
Cheviot, a semi hard cheese made by Prom Country Cheese.
Prom Country Cheesemaker Pack
Prom Country Cheesemaker Pack
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Prom Country Cheesemaker Pack
Load image into Gallery viewer, Cheviot, a semi hard cheese made by Prom Country Cheese.
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Prom Country Cheesemaker Pack

Prom Country

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If you're not familiar with Prom Country Cheese, you'll soon be spreading the word! We love working with cheesemakers with the passion and love that Prom Country Cheese showcase! With a stack of awards behind them and control over every aspect of their hand-crafted creations, we know you'll be pretty pleased with this pack of wholesome sheep milk cheeses.

Further Details...

Who is Prom Country Cheese? 

From paddock to plate, these guys are the get it done, we mean ALL done, kind of cheesemakers! Having complete control over the entire process, from growing the pastures, to breeding and milking, handcrafting the cheese, then proudly presenting the final products to you, Prom Country Cheese are the real deal, second generation cheesemakers based in Moyarra Valley. They could likely even tell you which of their happily frolicking sheep actually produced the piece of cheese you receive! Just like Santa's reindeer, each sheep has their role in ensuring us (big or little) kids get a good helping of cheese. Unless you're naughty - then you get coal. Just kidding, we can all have cheese, glorious sheep cheese!

What are the cheeses?

With four favourites included, this is a great showcase of what these artisan Victorian cheesemakers can do!

Venus Blue
Named Australia's best, this 7 month matured cavity blue cheese is made with unique cultures from their own raw milk! It has a delicate smooth texture and rounded complex flavour. It's no snoozy Susan (sorry to any Susan reading)! This vibrant Venus Blue has consistently gone from strength to strength, certainly pulling its weight around the farm, helping to bring home awards year after year for Prom Country Cheese.

What appears to be a very simple cheese at first glance, is dispelled when you first taste this lively semi-hard cheese. It's savoury flavour makes it ideal to pop on your cheeseboard and serve up to your fellow cheese lovers. But even greater still is this cheeses versatility as a less salty feta alternative in salads and frittatas.

Moyarra Myrtle 
This is a very soft tasting cheese but has the added power combination of flavours from the locally produced native herbs. You get super creamy undertones and a zingy, pepper tang from the lemon myrtle and mountain pepper berries.

Picnic Point 
Prom Country’s Picnic Point is an absolute pleasure from the very first taste. As the slivers melt in your mouth you’ll get lively, earthy flavours of mushroom and garden organics, backed up by a tart, tangy aroma. The next taste may bring out something new, as the mature flavours are complex and well-developed. The more you taste, the more you will taste!

Why The Prom Country Cheese Pack is for you

  1. Buying Prom Country Cheese means you’re helping to support a small, family-owned Victorian cheesemaker and farmer. 

  2. Prom Country are multi-award winning cheesemakers including 2020 and 2017 champions of the Australian Grand Dairy Awards, 2019 Delicious Produce gold medalists, 2016 Australian Food Award Winners, and 2016 AFA best sheep, goat or buffalo cheese" trophy scoring 95/100. 

  3. You'll definitely be the talk of the town when you snap a selfie with this good-looking box!

Blessed are the cheesemakers.


It's about what you add to it...

Add on The Grazing Box to create the ultimate cheese board with these essentials. It's got sourdough lavosh crackers, marinated baby figs, pastes and chocolate. Oh yes!


Our Perfect Paired wine packs! This monthly offering has been chosen to pair perfectly with this pack. Choose from our Perfect Pair Wine Pack or our very special Rhodium Edition. 




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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Marion Davis (Sydney, AU)
Sheep milk cheese is delicious

Enjoyable as EWEsual . Sorry lambs wish more cheese was made from your mum's milk.

Doug (Kurrara, AU)
All were excellent

I really liked all of the cheeses offered

Megan Ellam (Burwood, AU)
So many great choices

Both me and my partner loved all the cheeses in this pack. The Cheviot was a true highlight.

Sue Murdoch (Fitzroy North, AU)

The cheeses were awesome and delicious esp the soft goat cheese. We all loved them. Would certainly get more from the Prom Country. Yum.

Stephen Green (Melbourne, AU)
Prom Country Pack


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