Shadows of Blue | Tarago River
Shadows of Blue | Tarago River
Shadows of Blue | Tarago River
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Shadows of Blue | Tarago River

Tarago River Cheese

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"The Brie Lover's Blue"

Sent from us: From 6 January 2022
Best Before Date: 17 January 2022

Delivery Method: ONLY refrigerated vehicle (Check your postcode)
Weight: Whole wheel approx 2.0kg*

If cheesemakers had nightmares, Tarago’s Shadows of Blue would be the ultra scary kind because of the difficulty and skill it requires to be made. Oh but it sure is worth the holy dreams it brings to all the lucky mouths that devour it! It’s a delightfully delicious double cream blue and yes it’s a thing and yes it’s as mind-blowing as you expect it to be. This unique Australian cheese is soft and creamy with a placid P.Roqueforti mould which shares centre stage with several wildly delicious yeasts powering their way through the flavour profile. It requires absolute perfect cellaring to ensure a perfect texture and perfect flavour is achieved, and as usual Tarago have gone ahead and outdone themselves yet again.

PRODUCER:  Tarago River Cheese

ORIGIN: Gippsland, VIC, Australia

AGEING: 9 weeks  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 5/10


• Carbonated drinks, such as;
• Sparkling wine
• Wheat beer
• Dry Cider


• Local baked fruit bread
• Sourdough
• Grapes
• Salami and olives


When you first unwrap this cheese, you can quickly see the creaminess, the richness and the shadows of blue that have made this cheese so popular. Warming this to room temperature will see your knife glide through and as you smear it on your transport vehicle of choice, the aromas fill your nostrils as it edges closer to your mouth. Once inside, the silkiness fills your mouth as you hold it there to savour the subtle flavours. And then you go back for more…


Tarago run their own dairy with a mixture of Fresian and Jersey Cows. Their choice of breed was based on their cow being sturdy. Owner, David Johnson, is of the belief that the quality of the milk differs little between breeds. Key to great creamy milk with the right protein content is their welfare. “A well-fed and happy cow with a balanced diet will produce great milk regardless of the breed.” says David. To ensure a balanced diet throughout the dry months in Gippsland, they grow green crops over summer so the cows are grazing on dry pastures, hay and silage. You can taste the happiness in this cheese!

*This is a handmade cheese so weights can vary

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Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Sandi (Adelaide, AU)
Wonderful flavour

This is a favourite of my mother and myself. Bought a wheel last year and then this year for her 100th birthday and we love to share this with friends. Gets a different flavour when we add our home made fig elixir to it. YUM. We hang out for this each year as a special treat.

John McRae (Melbourne, AU)
Shadows of blue, love the stuff

Beautiful and creamy with just a touch of blue,
Magnificent cheese, well done to the cheese maker.

Helen Kite (Parkside, AU)


Lyndall Hook (Brisbane, AU)
Big tick again.

After the triple cream from Tarago got us drooling 12 months ago we have now had the same delicious experience with Shadows of Blue. We loved the "pots of blue" so were delighted to get a whole wheel. The fact that we can freeze wedges for Festive occasions, means we can share this oozy, oh so yummy delight. Spreading the good bites!!!!

Anne Fulton-Boote (Sydney, AU)
Magnificent blue

This is an outstanding blue cheese. Such soft mellow flavours but with the distinct taste of a beautiful blue. This is our second wheel,
shared between our families :)

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