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Sticky Balsamic Original

Sticky Balsamic

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Sticky Balsamic Original, need we say more? This perfect balsamic glaze is incredible to use with salads and with red meat. Sticky Balsamic Original retains its wonderful caramelised balsamic flavour while having a richer, thicker consistency. The perfect condiment to use with your meals, or to give as a present.

Salads - drizzle a little of this gloriously luxurious caramelised balsamic vinegar over the salad and mix to combine. Add some olive oil as well if desired

Meat - drizzle a little Sticky Balsamic Original over the meat prior to cooking or use as a finishing vinegar over everything once plated

Desserts - simply dip strawberries into this luxurious caramelised balsamic glaze, or use atop ice cream for an incredible taste sensation

Cheese Platter - use Sticky Balsamic Original instead of a quince paste to provide that delicious sweetness. Drizzle a little over the wheel of cheese prior to serving or have in a cute bowl with a spoon to top the tower of cheese just prior to eating

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